So you have a big night out on the tiles planned, you've prepped and primed, scrubbed and tanned,
showered and washed your hair only to find that the hair products you have applied have left your 
hair soft, floppy and un-styleable that's where the Mark Hill Big Night Out range steps in.

Each product has been created to allow you to have the freshness of clean hair
yet the manageability of day old hair!

Mark Hill Big Night Out Pre Styling Shampoo
This shampoo not only prevents the hair from being overly soft and unmanageable
due to it's fibre strengthening technology but it also cleanses, refreshes, removes product build up
without over cleansing or weighing the hair down allowing it to take on any style you desire.

I was a little worried this would strip my hair or leave it feeling really dry but that wasn't the case,
my hair felt quite similar as to when I use Vosene shampoo but not quite as dried out.
It does exactly what it says on the bottle so if you are expecting super soft hair you will be disappointed
but it provides a wonderful starting point for any hair style.

This shampoo has the a light almost floral scent but nothing offensive nor does it tend to linger.

Mark Hill Big Night Out Pre Styling Conditioner 
The best way to describe this product is a light conditioner, it detangles and adds a little hydration
without overloading the hair with moisture or leaving it unmanageable or super soft.
It is the perfect partner for the Pre Styling Shampoo as it prevents the hair drying out
but allows your hair to be easily styled after washing without the usual slip and slide of freshly washed hair.

Unlike the shampoo I do feel that those who struggle finding a good light conditioner i.e those who have super fine hair could use this each wash with ease, this has a slightly stronger floral scent compared to the shampoo but again nothing over the top.

Mark Hill Big Night Out Firm Hold Hairspray
I'm sure most are familiar with what a firm hold hairspray should do - ensures your hair stays in place
despite of the conditions you expose it to i.e rain or humidity.

This is a fairly light hairspray in the sense that it did not leave my hair sticky or stiff after each use
but it has a great level of hold and will be great for setting any style and will hold up even in the
sweatiest of night clubs or against humidity but is gentle enough to use daily.

You don't have to wash this hairspray out it simply brushes out with little effort
but in my opinion you are best to wash as brushing does leave behind some residue.
This is hairspray has a really lovely fresh scent and is my stand out product from the trio.

To round up I do feel that the shampoo is a great innovative product but it's best kept for special occasions
or the odd use at the weekend to avoid drying out the hair, the conditioner is the perfect partner to the 
shampoo but it can be used as an everyday product on the likes of super fine hair.

The hairspray is a great all rounder and will stand the test of a night on the tiles but it is also a great
everyday addition to your haircare routine.

The complete Mark Hill Big Night Out collection is available from Boots 
with each product costing £6.29 (currently on a 3 for £10 offer) - link

This post contains PR samples.