The Casual Colour Lip and Cheek Colour collection is one of the many collections that was launched 
on the 1st day of June,to the best of my knowledge none of the shades have sold out thus far 
so if any tickle your pickle you should be able to pick it up with ease.

All of the shades in the Casual Colour launch come packaged in small round pots that look
more like a lip product than a multi-purpose product - they appear very similar to the packaging of Mac's
Lip Conditioners not identical but of the same vain.
I personally don't have any problems with the packaging but I know that some will not find the potted
cream exactly appealing due to hygienic reasons when it comes to applying to the lips.

Mac Casual Colour in Out For Fun is listed as a "Cool Coral" 
which is a little odd given it has a strong yellow undertone and slots into the neutral category.
The great thing about this shade is that it is unlike any of the other coral shades Mac have launched recently!
I have seen a few say that this is similar to Mac Optimistic Orange and Mac Modern Mandarin
but I have to completely disagree as this has no strong orange tone - pink prevails in this shade.
It reminds me more of Nars Torrid without the shimmer.
This is one of the stronger pigmented shades so deeper skin tones may enjoy this more so
than the likes of Lazy Sunday.

As mentioned the Casual Colours are multi-purpose cream products that can be used on the lips
and cheeks, I personally prefer them used as a lip product as I found the formula a little too sticky
to be truly comfortable as a cheek shade but that is personal preference.
As a cheek product it felt unnatural, as if it shouldn't have been used for such purpose.
The texture is thick, heavy and sticky but does settle to a dewy finish that border lined on oily.
On the lips this has more of a natural light weight texture and far less sticky,
oddly it settled to a semi matte finish on my lips rather than a dewy glossy finish which is surprising.
The colour pay off was quite poor, it did take a little building up to gain decent pigmentation
even then it was a little streaky and inconsistent, the shade also leans lighter on the skin 
than it does in potted form which was a let down.
The wear time is tricky to comment on as I feel these will fair better on drier skin types
as the formula did not work at all with my oily skin, on my lips each application lasted a little over three hours and did not dry out my lips in the slightest.
I forgot to mention that the Casual Colours have a light vanilla scent, lighter than a typical Mac lipstick.

Product Summary

Round Up - A duo purpose product (lips and cheeks) that is best used on the lips.
Best For - As mentioned a lip product.
Pigmentation - (3/10) Quite poor.
Availability - Mac's counters and Mac website - link and also sites such as Debenhams and Selfridges.