Wednesday, June 20, 2012

17 Instant Glow Limited Edition Union Jack Bronzing Powder - Review

As i'm having a little Olympic themed day on the blog today there really isn't a better time than now to share this lovely limited edition piece!

This is simply 17's regular Instant Glow Bronzing Powder repackaged (the regular bronzer is a leopard print design) into a slick Union Jack design,the metallic stripes of the flag are an over spray which is a little annoying as the first few usages result in a deep shimmer metallic mess that is far too shimmery based to be used on the face but it could be striking when used on the legs or chest areas.

Once the over spray has been buffered off you are left with a light olive tan bronzer that is finely milled,
soft to the touch and very easily blended into the skin but it does seem to suffer from an excessive amount 
of product fall out...rather annoying when wearing a white blouse when applying haha!

After the over spray has disappeared the bronzer still has a slight shimmer element but rather than being
overwhelming it has a soft luminescent effect that bronzes as well as highlighting the skin so it eliminates the need for a separate highlighting product.

Sadly the shade option may not be for every one as it is fairly light so it is better suited to those 
with light to medium skin as it may appear ashen on deeper tones but it may work well on deep skin shades
as a highlight.

The 17 Instant Glow Limited Edition Union Jack Bronzing Powder wore for around five hours on my oily skin which is fairly average, normal to drier skins should experience a longer wear period.

17 Instant Glow Limited Edition Union Jack Bronzing Powder costs £4.99/6g
and is available for a limited time only from selected Boots stores. 

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  1. Wow that's a dark glittery bronzer. Looks more like an eyeshadow by looking at the swatches to me. Nice colour if used as an eyeshadow. Maybe great as a bronzer on darker toned skins?

  2. Looks super cute! Not sure about the shimmer though!!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  3. Gosh crazy shimmery for a bronzer! Bet it would look beautiful on really tanned skin though x

  4. gosh i'd use that as an eyeshadow.. or as a light bronzer all over for a bit of sheen..
    looks beautiful!

    Stefy xx

  5. I dont know if I would get away with that as a bronzer although eyeshadow maybe! Same design as Rimmels HD eyeshadow palettes!

  6. 8D Patriotism never looked so good? I know it wouldnt suit my skintone but I really like this for some reason, despite the shimmer.


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