This is my favourite time of the year in terms of make-up
as it tends to be when company's launch their peach and coral shades
which essentially control the vast majority of my make-up collection...I just can't get enough!
Today I have a lovely peach offering by Sisley that is perfect for ever day wear.

I couldn't construct this post and not mention the packaging,
it is all kinds of fancy with a beautiful chrome finish and Sisley accents - the lipstick bullet is engraved.
Of course it is pretty to look at but the main point is that it is extremely sturdy and well protected
which is all I look for when it comes to cosmetic packaging.
The lipstick also comes with a red velvet pouch, i'm entirely sure why but it is fancy none the less
and I guess in the winter months it will keep it warm...I kid of course!

Sheer Peach is a light yellow toned peach shade
that is fairly neutral toned and will suit most skin tones the fact that it is sheer only heightens this.
To me Sheer Peach is one of the few shades I have encountered that applies how it looks 
in bullet form but I should stress that I have light lips and most lip shades do ring true
to shade on my lips as they are pretty much a blank canvas.
I don't have anything similar in my collection to compare this shade to which is great
considering my vast collection of coral and peach lip shades!

Sisley Phyto Lip Shine Sheer Peach is of course a sheer formula
but it is a great sheer consistency as it is not too sheer nor is it as fully pigmented or as heavy
as a typical lipstick which I appreciate as sheer lipsticks are hard to get right.
I found Sheer Peach to have a slight shimmer finish but it does not have a gritty texture
nor does it have chunky glitter which is a relief.
It does glide on fairly easily and evenly not a patchy formula with a slight sheen finish
but if you have more pigmented lips than myself you will have to layer the lipstick on
to achieve a pigmented finish - that is if that is the look you desire.
I did not find the lipstick to bleed nor feather rather it wore comfortably for a little over three hours.

Product Summary
Round Up - A sheer yellow toned peach lip stick.
Best For - A light splash of peach not full on colour.
Pigmentation - (5/10) Well pigmented for a sheer product.
Availability - Sisley counters such as House of Frazer - link £26.50

This post contains a PR Sample