I currently have an eye infection and that means anything that has touched said eye
has to be disinfected or in the case of mascara's thrown out.
I'm quite strict when it comes to mascara and normally chuck them out after a month
as I have heard some horror stories and feel it's a case of better safe than sorry
but man it is a kicker when you have three mascara's on the go at one time
and each of them happen to be a current favourite!

Each cosmetic product now comes with a use by date, it is on the back of most products
and is indicated by a little round pot with the amount of months you typically have of safe use.
Obviously some products you can use beyond the recommend time such as nail polishes
but some you should be quite strict about, as a general rule it it changes colour or texture
or god forbid gives off a funny scent it is clearly time to pop it in the bin and move on.
Mascara seems to be the one most are unclear on safe use and I understand not everyone is
as fickle as myself so I suggest 3 months as the absolute maximum and if your mascara
dries out and no longer makes a pop noise then chuck it out!

Well i'm going to make the most of a bad situation and use my eye infection 
as a chance to purchase some new mascaras to test...obviously once my eye is better that is!