I am very much a gel liner kinda gal, I simply find them to apply better and work best
with my annoyingly oil lids not to mention that most tend to be blacker than black!
However I have lost my beloved Inglot gel liner and want to wait until i'm in London 
next month to replace it and perhaps pick up a few goodies while in store?
Anyway to tide me through I have been looking for a reasonable priced black liner
and have found a star product in L'Oreal Perfect Slim Super Liner which shock horror is not a gel liner!

The packaging doesn't really require much discussion - it's plain black plastic with gold trimmings
which is fairly classic and not at all tacky in my opinion 
but what really sells this product in terms of application is the moulded grip towards the nib of the pen 
which is a welcome addition of comfort to the handsand it does make application easier since it is pretty much non slip, great for when you are half asleep in the morning...no just me?

As mentioned I'm a gel liner fan so I really thought using a pen style liner would be troublesome
but it was pretty much straight forward and as the nib is so fine you can easily control the thickness 
of line you wish - from precise razor sharp lines to thick broad line shapes...easy peasy!
It is mess and fuss free that anyone and everyone could use but all that is irrelevant if the product
inside turns out to be rubbish isn't it?

Well thankfully the liquid liner inside is as black as night and is opaque in one swipe,
I have no time nor patience to be going over the same line constantly...life's too short for that nonsense!
Admittedly L'Oreal Perfect Slim Super Liner is not the quickest drying liner out there
but it does dry quick enough within a minute so all is not lost and once dry it settles to a glossy black finish
that does not flake or crumble throughout the day but is easily removed with a typical eye make-up remover.
I can't comment on wither this is water proof or not but it does last a full day (10hours+) 
and that is on my oily skin which I can't often say!

For under £7 I'm really impressed and will definitely repurchase this again!

Product Summary 
Round Up - A easy to use black liquid liner that lasts the pace of the day.
Best For - Anyone as it is really straight forward to use and remove.
Pigmentation - (9/10) Really black and well pigmented!
Availability - Most L'Oreal stockists such as Feel Unique for £6.99 - link

This post contains a PR sample.