Today you may be aware that in the UK Glamour Magazine are giving away mini sized Benefit products,
there is three to choose from and three different magazine covers - my favourite is Eva,
anyway the three samples to choose from are :

Bad Gal Mascara worth £10 
That Gal (primer) worth £15
The Porefessional worth £10

I tried many a newsagent to get my copies with no avail but struck it lucky in WHS
where I took all the copies bar one that they had - I don't like Bad Gal Mascara at all,
it stings my eyes and smudges like a biatch!

I'm going shopping tomorrow and if I see a few That Gal copies I will pick them up as I would like a few
more and at £2 a pop you can't really complain plus they are so travel friendly!

For those who are thinking what the heck is she going to do with all those copies of the same magazine?
Well when I buy more than one copy of a magazine I donate the spares to my local doctors and
dentist which are more than accostum to me and my magazine purchasing ways haha!

Did you pick up any Glamour's to get the goodies?
Glamour magazines cost £2 per issue!