One of my favourite things to do is shop for lesser known items be they beauty or household,
I love old curiosity shops and will actively seek places to visit based on their markets.
My favourite place in the world is Istanbul - Turkey it is a treasure seekers dream!
Recently I have been on the look out for cream blushes and saw this as the perfect excuse
to test out the brand Iman and pick up a pretty blush while I am at it.

"IMAN products are designed for African American, Asian, Latina 
and multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades."

Okay yes I fall into one of the above categories but I view this brand in the same way I do
Sleek Make-Up yes they were both created for women/men of colour but that is not to say
that it is not for anyone else and Sleek truly are the brand that best illustrates this point.
Basically all I'm saying is think outside the box a little you never know what you may find!
I want to add that Iman cosmetics is the brain child of Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (David Bowie's wife)
and that the entire range is not tested on animals.

I will be the first to admit that packaging is nothing fancy just a simple screw up design
encased in a grey case that is sturdy albeit a little chunky in design.
However inside you will find a whopping 8g's of product which is more than I can say for some brands!
I have shade #03 Rubor which is a bright pink based coral that has a yellow undertone,
it is shimmer and glitter free yet not a matte formula, it dries to a dewy/glowy finish
that really radiates the skin as well as adding a healthy flush of colour to the cheeks.
In my opinion once applied it most resembles Mac Bite of Apple blush 
which has long been discontinued.

As expected the pigmentation is phenomenal if you are light skinned you will
have to tread lightly and blend, blend, blend to avoid looking a little overheated.
However for medium to dark skin this is a complete god send - I'm an NC37 untanned/naturally
and one little spot on each cheek is all I need to have a lovely healthy glow to my cheeks.
I can't imagine any skin tone struggling with this shade as it so pigmented
and in my humble opinion pretty universal all things considered.
The formula is soft and glides on with ease and is also easily blended into the skin.
On my oily skin this blush lasted around 5 hours before slightly fading but that is about average for me,
I would imagine on other skin types this would fair better?

Product Summary
Round Up - A beautiful bright coral blush that is really pigmented.
Best For - All skin tones but lighter tones will have to blend a little more than other tones.
Pigmentation (10/10) Oh lord I think I may have gave out my first ten but very deserving of it.
Availability - Feel Unique sells a limited range of Iman cosmetics - link but I picked this up
on eBay for a little over £5 a quick search should find you one.