It's been a while since I have shared my daily skin care routine,
in fairness it has only been the last few weeks where I have had a proper routine
and not been trailing some facial lotion or potion.
Don't get me wrong I love trying out new things but sometimes it is nice just to have a cosy
plain ol' fail safe set of products you rely on isn't it?
So i'd thought I'd share what I have been using.


I am still using my Rio Sonicleanse and finishing up my Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
but as I have a three month update on the Soniclease I thought it would be best not to include it
in this post so I will just share my other cleansing methods for now.
So to quickly cleanse when I get home I have been using Bioderma Sebium H20
but I do proper cleanse using my Soniclease both late at night and in the morning.

My toner of choice has been the delightful Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Boost
I can not get enough of this cooling liquid and find it wonderful as a toner
but also used in a spray bottle throughout the day to cool and calm my skin.


I'm terribly lazy when it comes to moisturiser and don't really apply it as often as I should.
I get away with it as I have oily skin but should really try harder.
When I do remember I have been applying Super - Hyper Hydrator
which is infused with coconut water and smells simply delish.
It does the job nicely and doesn't turn my skin into a grease fest so no complaints from me!

My mask of choice is The Fab Pore by Soap and Glory which is a must for anyone
who suffers from enlarged pores - I swear by it and can not be without it.
I seldom repurchase skin care items but for this I make an exception and have bought at least four tubs!
It is one of the few skin care products that give results instantly and cleanses deep down,
I use it twice a week and can honestly say my pores have improved tenfold in size.


To take off my eye make up which is  mainly mascara, I have and for a long while now
been using Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover from the Boots Essentials range.
It is as cheap as chips and effectively removes my eye make up while being gentle
and's just wonderful and for less than £2 you could do a lot worse.

Much like moisturiser when it comes to eye creams it really is a case of when I remember
but I have been far better lately than I used to be and my trick is to keep my eye cream on my bed side
cabinet that way I really have no excuse.
At the moment I have been using Avon's Hydra Radiance eye gel which isn't really one for those looking
for an anti ageing treatment but it does a grand job of keeping the eye area hydrated
and perks my under eye area up when I've had little sleep which is all I can really ask for.

What skin care items do you swear by?