Very little has been said about Natural FX foundation in the blogging world
which is a terrible shame as it is incredible and is one of those products I really
do believe once you have tested you will fall in love.
I am really fussy when it comes to foundation as past reviews will tell you
but I truly do rate this formula highly.
Below I have listed all the official information, all the in's and outs of what it does,
what it contains and who it is suitable for, I apologise for all the official jargon 
but it explains it better than I could hence why I have included it.
If this doesn't interest you scroll to the end of the post to read my opinion 
and see swatches.

2-in-1 Concealer + Liquid Foundation with SPF 15
• Dermatologist 1st choice for flawless looking skin
• Available in over 20 global shades

• Provides moderate coverage of skin imperfections such as acne, redness, under eye circles, uneven skin tones, post-surgical bruising, vitiligo and tattoos
• Creates natural, dewy looking finish
• Provides hydration and skin emolliency

• All Skin Types
• Sensitive skin (non-comedogenic – zero irritancy score)
• Free of oil, and fragrance and parabens, not tested on animals

1. Dermafix Technology: 
i. Contributes to Water Resistance
ii. Binds to the skin - allows for ‘stay-put’ all-day coverage
iii. Ability to build extra coverage in ‘problem’ areas – Concealer/Foundation-in-one 

2. Full Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection: SPF 15 Octinoxate , Octocrylene , Oxybenzone 
• Protects against environmental ageing 
i. Helps reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines caused by aging, smoking, gravity and sun damage 
ii. UVB is associated with sunburn 

3. Benefits of Vitamin E: 
iii. Protects from inflammation: reduces erythema and skin sensitivity
iv. Soothes and promotes tissue repair
v. Anti-oxidant: Protects our natural skin lipids, collagen and elastin fibres from degradation – thereby preventing premature wrinkles 

4. Benefits of Bisabolol: 
i. Main active ingredient of the chamomile plant
ii. Anti-inflammatory: Protects and reduces skin irritation and sensitivity (calms down redness and makes our products tolerable) 

5.Cholesteryl Hydroxystearate: 
vi. Restores the lipid barrier by repairing dry and scaling skin, and replenishing lost lipids (natural skin oils). 
vii. Reducing TEWL (trans epidermal water loss); prevents our natural water found in the skin from evaporating thus preventing skin dehydration.
viii. Strengthens capillaries to reduce redness.

My Thoughts
The foundation is thick, creamy yet light on the skin.
It mentions in the official information that it has a built in concealer and I truly agree 
as it covered up my mole without any effort nor building of the foundation.
As mentioned the texture is on the thick side and does provide full coverage
but does not feel heavy or mask like on the skin - if you suffer from acne or acne scars
I feel you will really enjoy wearing this and the flawless finish it provides.
While we are talking about finish once applied it dries to a semi matte finish
that looks completely natural - for best results I did buff on the foundation.
That's not to say that people without such problems couldn't use it, of course they can
and it is light enough for daily use without causing break outs.
As I have enlarged pores I can safely comment and say that it does not settle into them
which leads me to believe that it will behave the same way with facial lines.
Un-primed it lasted six hours on my oily skin and all day once primed and set.
Admittedly the foundation is not cheap but a little does go a long, long way.

To help with colour matching Cover FX have complied an online colour matching service
which matches you to a shade in their brand using famous brands such as Mac as a reference point - link

Cover FX cosmetics are available from House of Fraser 30ml/£37 - link

This post contains a PR sample.