What I personally like about Bourjois is that they constantly release new products
and update their existing collections with new shades with most seasons
but not in a MAC "5 limited edition collections each month" kinda way.
I feel when it comes to high street make-up brands they get this element just right
and one of their newest additions to the brand is a collection of four lipstick palettes.

"Make a fashion statement!
Beautiful, practical and slim, Colorissimo is a “must-have” for your handbag!
Each palette contains 3 different COLOURS for 3 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS
All 3 shades contain complementary hues of different intensities which can be worn alone 
or mixed together for an added touch of style!
For a day at the office use the fair “Everyday” shade.
For a lunch or a dinner with friends, wear the more intense, middle hue “Flash” and for a romantic dinner date, the darker, elegantly “Chic” shade will go down a treat!"

Admittedly I do not have much to say about the packaging,
yes it's plastic and does look a little on the cheap side but it does the job nicely.
But hold the bus why the heck is there a foam eye applicator in each kit?
At first I thought it was a mistake, a faulty palette if you will
but nope I had a good nosey through all the palettes in the store and each has a foam eye applicator!
One word - WHY?
The foam applicators don't work all that well with their intended products - eyeshadows
let alone a cream based product, the foam soaks up more product than necessary
and the precision application element is all but eliminated.

The Rouge Collection is described as : fabulously feminine with 3 glamorous red hues!
And do you know what I'm not going to argue for once haha!
In this palette you will find you standard true red, a bright red orange
and a deeper red that has a slight brown undertone.
I don't really feel I have much to grumble about in terms of pigmentation
but the formula is still as drying as it was in the other palettes.

I really wanted to like these little palettes of lip colour and entered testing them with an open mind,
I knew they wouldn't be as soft as a gloss or as moisturising but I didn't think the quality would be so poor.
Bourjois is a brand that gets it right so often so I am surprised that these palettes contain
dry lip colour that is not at all comfortable to wear - slightly sticky but not wet.
I have tested all four palettes and on the whole they are weakly pigmented
with The Rouge Collection being the only set of colours that has moderate pigmentation.
My personal experience dictated that they don't only cling to the lips dry patches
but actually dry the lips out too, making a bad situation worse!
The scent is pleasant in my opinion - sweet/floral that sort of thing.
In terms of wear they do wear okay for around 3-4 hours if you can handle the drying sticky texture.

Product Summary
Round Up - A trio of lip shades in palette form.
Best For - I feel to be able to wear this formula comfortably you would have to layer a gloss on top.
Pigmentation - (6/10) The better pigmented palette of the four colour options.
Availability - I purchased this in Superdrug for £4.99 ( I believe it was £2 off original price 
as it was an introductory offer although I may be wrong)