Luckily I don't have much to grumble about in terms of product disappointments
but sadly it is not a clean sweep month as a few products did disappoint none the less.

The Gold by Giles collection wasn't all that well received by the blogging world sadly
which was a little unfair as the lipsticks and squeeze on lip glosses were more than decent.
However I did feel that the liquid liners were pretty poor and tended to clump before you
as much as applied them to the lids.

I'm sorry but the Colorissimo lip palettes by Bourjois
were everything a good lipstick should be and this makes me sad haha!
I found them dry, difficult to use and weakly pigmented.

Okay not a complete drop out as such more a word of warning if you will.
Yes the Barry M magnetic polishes provide pretty patterns
but from what twitter/fellow bloggers and my own experience tells me they are hit and miss.
Some come with faulty magnets and some without a magnetic at all!

Barry M have been in-touch regarding the issue and should you be unfortunate enought
to receive a faulty magentic cap then do get in touch with them:
Barry M will happily replace your magnetic cap if this has occurred, you simply need to email or call customer services on 02083492992.

Anything you would like to banish to the beauty bin?