Okay hands up who was a little naught and made the most of the recent sunny weather?
At this point I have both hands in the air while I type with my chin haha joking obviously!
But I did bask in the sun and now my skin is a little on the dry side,
when I say little really I mean a lot and I have dry patches that would give the sahara a run for it's money.

As a lovely nourishing treat I have been slathering my body in Baylis and Harding Nourishing Body Butter
which not only smells good enough to eat - a little like vanilla ice cream and honey combined...yummy
but it contains fair trade honey which we all know is the way forward.
As honey naturally softens the skin it is a great addition to any body butter and wonderful for softening
the skin without harsh scrubs.

The great thing about this particular body butter is that it is so thick and luxurious
but not so much so that it sits on the skin and doesn't absorb without a whole lot of work.
Nope you slick into on gently massage and it soaks into the skin pretty much instantly 
without leaving the skin feeling loaded down nor does it become sticky/tacky or leave behind a residue.
What I particularly like is that you don't have to use this for a while before seeing results 
but that the hydration and softness is almost immediate and even without being place in the fridge
this cools the skin making it a great choice for the summer weather.

Do you have a favourite body butter or are you a little like me...try anything once?

Baylis and Harding Nourishing Body Butter £3/250ml available from selected supermarkets
and via Baylis and Harding's web store - link 

This post contain a PR sample.