In the morning I am a complete grumpy guss and need something to wake me up,cold water isn't enough!
I'm also trying to prep for the upcoming holiday season which means lots of skin on show...gulp!
To slough my skin into tip top shape I have been relying on all sorts of scrubs 
but my current favourite is Baylis and Harding Invigorating Walnut Body Scrub.

When I saw the words Walnut I instantly thought oh no this type of scent will be better suited to 
the cooler months of Autumn but paired with Verbena extract it actually makes a lovely
bright floral scent that doesn't just scream summer but helps to waken me up in the mornings
when i'd rather be snoozing in bed...wouldn't we all!
Sometimes I feel like the scent reminds me a little of orange sherbet, I know walnuts and Verbena
aren't exactly known to mimic sherbet scents but that is what my nose detects!

As a scrub it is fairly gritty and will remove stubborn dry skin including on places like your feet,
yes you can buy scrubs targeted for such areas but I hate faffing around in the shower in the morning.
Although it is fairly gritty it is not harsh on the skin, it gently buffs off any dry patches
without stripping or irritating the skin, I apply using my hands so they also get a scrub in the process.
You may be pleased to know that the scrub contains fair traded ingredients so you can scrub 
in the knowledge that you trading fairly and giving people a better chance at life!

What is your to go to body scrub at the moment?

Baylis and Harding Invigorating Walnut Body Scrub £3/200ml - link

This post contains a PR sample.