A few posts back I stated that Barry M released five new nail paint shades
when they have in fact released seven shades all in, apologies for that mistake
and thank you to Lily of Beauty's Bad Habit for filling me in and enabling me haha!
So yes seven new shades which include cappuccino, denim, nude, black glitter, teal, copper
and silvery lilac all of which cost £2.99 and contain 10ml of product.
Much like the Barry M lip paints these come in a variety of finishes but the majority
do lean towards the crème variety or are glitter based - the glitter finish is a personal favourite.

Barry M Silvery Lilac is such a difficult shade to pin point,
it is very much a petrol shade and reflects various tones depending on how the light hits it.
In some lights it is silver others olive green, pale blue and sometimes lilac.
Annoyingly I can't decide if I like it or not, i'm not one to sit on the fence
but this shade has left me perched on the fence like a little bird.
At the risk of sounding crazy this shade reminds me of unicorns and things of that matter
not that i've ever encountered a unicorn but you see where I am coming from?
I did say at the risl of sounding crazy haha!
Silvery Lilac is a metallic shade that has tiny flecks of silver glitter in the mix too,
it took three coats to become opaque but dried fairly quickly.

In general I find Barry M polishes to wear for around three days before chipping
so no they are not the best wearing polishes available but for less than £3 they are a great choice
and due to the vast range of colours in the line there is something for everyone.

You can purchase Barry M polishes from selected Barry M retailers such as Boots and Superdrug

or you can buy directly from the Barry M web store - link.