Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Barry M Lip Lacquer in Mandarin Shade 3 - Review

I bought this Barry M Lip Lacquer to tide me over until the new shades of the Clinique Chubby Sticks 
hit the shelves - the 1st of June if I am not wrong? So this Friday yes?
Anyway Barry M Lip Lacquers are chunky pencils of lip colour that come presented as a chunky liner
type of product that you can use to line your lips then fill in completely.
In terms of packaging I don't have much to say, it's pretty enough and well made i.e pretty sturdy
but you do waste quite a bit of product by sharpening the product, this could be remedied 
by switching to a twist up style product.

I settled for shade 3 which is named Mandarin which isn't really apt
but to be honest shade names don't really bother me as much as you'd imagine.
Mandarin is a red shade with slight orange tendencies, a frost finish that has a slight sheen
and is quite akin to Mac So Chaud in terms of colour.
This is a really nice red shade for the summer months and as it leans fairly neutral
most will be able to wear this shade with ease - if it is to bright dab it on for a light stain

I found the pencil style of this product really easy to use as it allows precise application
and you can use the nib to line saving time and money on a separate lip liner that so many red type
shades require to prevent bleeding of the colour which is never pretty!
The colour pay off is middle of the road it is not as pigmented as you'd expect especially for a brand 
like Barry M who's products more often than not pack an almighty pigmentation punch.
However it is not weak just as I said middle road which suits me fine as I don't think
I would like this shade quite as much as I do had it been super pigmented.
Admittedly the formula is a little gritty and drying so I do recommend a slick of balm before application
or a layer of gloss afterwards to eliminate the drying factor.
In terms of wear I found it to wear for a little over 2 hours without flaking or bleeding,
it faded evenly and left a delicate skin behind which was rather pretty.

Product Summary
Round Up - A bright orange red lip crayon.
Best For - Fans of a light pop of bright colour.
Pigmentation - (6/10) Sorry for over use of the term "middle road" but that is best suited to this shade.
Availability - Most Barry M stockists such as Superdrug and Boots or via Barry M's web store - link £4.99

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  1. I've seen them in store, but never tried.
    It reminds me of Revlon Strawberry Suede...
    I think they called it Mandarin to remind of China, you know? Maybe it's the reason for calling like that a red shade ;)

  2. This is one of my fave products from BarryM. I personally have this colour and it is perfect for that effortless bright lips. Very creamy and nice consistency and i just like the suttle shimmer in it too.
    Thanks so much for sharing~x

  3. This seems like my kindof product :) I might try it out!

  4. This seems really awesome! I love using things like this at work. Perhaps I will purchase a few shades and see how I like them!

    xo, Madison

  5. Beautiful shade!! amazing! it looks great on you! thanks for sharing!

  6. I've been lusting over the Clinique Chubby Stick for ages now. I would never have considered to look in Barry M for a cheaper alternative but this one looks great. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely keep my eye on this.

  7. Wow....Awesome..... That's such a gorgeous product! Really good shade.....I love this color. Thanks a lot will definitely try that! :)


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