Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Accessorize Lipstick in Obsessed - Review

While browsing my local Superdrug I stumbled across the new lipsticks by Accessorize
and the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful packaging that is very Accessorize in style -
butterflies, floral print with a cute little owl all set on a navy back ground, 
the first thing that came to mind was mid summer night's dream theme - anyone else?

While we are on the topic of packaging each shade comes with a little clip off compartment 
of separate lipstick that is the same shade as the bullet so you get more bang for your buck
in terms of product, it is very similar in terms of design to the MUA lipsticks
as is the scent which leads me to believe they may be manufactured by the same company?

I'm unsure to just how many shades there is in the line but i'll hazard a guess and say around six shades 
but feel free to correct my in the comments as I am only guessing!
Obsessed is a mid toned nude that has equal amounts of pink and brown leanings,
it's one of those shades you'll either like or loathe.
Personally I find this type of shade to work well with my skin tone but on lighter tones they
can pull a little brown and make teeth appear yellow which i'm guessing is never a beauty aim for anyone?
As far as undertones go this is fairly neutral with yellow undertone.

Once again the formula is a little bit of a let down it feels waxy and thick on the lips
if slicked straight on from the tube rather than dabbed on which is my preferred application method.
I found the lipstick a little too heavy to fully be comfortable worn alone but paired with a lip gloss
I did find it more wearable as there was added moisture and the gloss seemed to cancel out the waxy
sensation that I strongly disliked!
That aside in terms of pigmentation I have no grumbles as it does pack a punch as far as colour pay off goes.
In terms of wear I found the lipstick to wear for around four hours but worn alone it did dry out my lips
and left a stain behind which isn't always a bad thing especially if the shade fades evenly - which it did.

Product Summary 

Round Up - A mid toned neutral nudish matte lipstick that has good colour pay off but is a little
uncomfortable to wear alone.
Best For - Teaming up with a lip gloss or lip balm for the comfort factor.
Pigmentation - (8/10) No qualms about the colour pay off level.
Availability - Selected Superdrug stores for £4.99

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  1. really like this coulour and the packaging is so cute! shame it feels waxy but it looks nice x

  2. I saw a photo of the lipsticks in a row on twitter and I thought straight away that they looked like the lipsticks from the MUA lip booms. This looks exactly like and the coral one you reviewed yesterday looks exactly like omg (unless I have got those two mixed up). I have both of them and they look very similar xxx

  3. pretty on hand but not much impressive on lips

  4. such a pretty colour, its such a shame that it was very drying. Packaging ticks all the boxes for me :) I love it
    thanks for sharing~x

  5. The packaging is stunning! I really like the shade of this lipstick too x

  6. Very nice swatches and review like always. I also like the packaging :)

  7. whoops, i quite like the waxy thick texture! and i agree, packaging is very nice :)

  8. Everything looks amazing.Really good shades..... Thanks a lot will definitely try that! :)

  9. Wow, the lipsttick looks so different on the lips compared to the hand swatch!

  10. Ohh such a pretty colour, shame about the heavy texture! I love your lipstick reviews, so helpful! xxx


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