Today the lovely Sue of Cherry Sue Doin' the Do - link is sharing a fab bright nail tutorial
that will see you through summer and bring a big smile to even the grumpiest of faces!

New ideas for nail art and manicures seem to be where it's at of late, 
just look at Ciaté's Caviar manicure taking the world by storm and more recently MAC Velvet nails, 

created for the Spring Ruffian fashion show. 
Whenever a new trend comes out though you can be sure that a DIY or dupe is hot on it's tail, 

if you've seen the recent blogging furore about the Caviar nails, you'll know what I mean.
Inspired by both MAC's velvet creations and a recent post on I decided to give flocked nails 
a chance and now you can too. 

What you will need: 

  • Flocking powder: available from any craft shop or online. (approx £1 each. I got all 5 for €7 locally) (There's 5 here for £1.25 -link )
  • A nail polish that roughly matches each powder
  • A folded page for ease of use and a quick clean up
  • Willpower of STEEL not to eat the props

Step 1: Lay down your folded paper and tip out some of your first flocking colour.
Step 2: Paint your first nail with your corresponding polish. One coat is enough but two if you prefer.
Step 3. While the polish is still wet press it into the powder firmly.
Step 4: With your finger, push the flocking powder firmly onto your nail, try not to roll it or smudge the edges.
Step 5: Blow the excess powder off, a nail brush can be used to tidy up edges. 
Step 6. If your result is a little patchy (like mine was first time) you can press it into the powder again. 
Step 7: Repeat on your other 9 nails!
Step 8: Seal the tips of your nails with a clear top coat but be sure not to get it onto the nail base. 
Step 9: Exclaim loudly 'They're so FLUFFY'
Step 10: Scoff the props, you deserve 'em!

Your fluffy nails should last 2-3 days, don't be afraid to do things with them 

(or use them as an excuse not to) - they can get a little scruffy (if you're doing scruffy things) 

but a quick wash with soap and water cleans them right up. 
They'll have minimal tip wear that's basically unnoticeable if you use a closely matched base but you will be subject to random peeps grabbing you by the fingers to inspect your work. 

Last but not least, once you're tired of the fluffiness they clean straight off with normal polish remover. 
Think you'll be giving them a shot?

Didn't Sue do a grand job? 

I think I will have to re-create this look and not so I can be sneaky and eat lots of skittles.
Make sure you pop over to Sue's blog - link!

If you have a tuturioal you'd like to share get in touch via email.