Montagne Jeunesse have recently launched a few new masks and facial treatments
that make up the new Skin Care Products line, the masks now have two parts -
the mask and a follow up moisturiser or serum to slick on afterwards.
I have a selection to share so expect a few blog posts on facial masks in the coming weeks!

The first one I have tested is the new T-Zone mask which is a peel off mask - my favourite type ever,
that is specifically designed to target oily skin and help control excess oil
while removing any dead skin from the face.
The mask is infused with Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel both are renowned for their skin clearing abilities.
All the ingredients in any Montagne Jeunesse product is completely natural
and the brand do not test on animals!

I found the mask to apply as easily as peel off mask can - they are typically sticky,
the Tea Tree Oil is what dominates the scent but I rather like the fragrance
and found it to be instantly refreshing and cooling. 
You apply this mask like any other but avoid the hairline and eyebrows,
you let it dry out completely you will know when the time is right as your face
will becoming really tight and then the fun begins - peeling it off!
Peeling it off is really a lot of fun and if you are disgusting like me you will stare at the removed mask
to see what nasty impurities it has removed...yuck.
Once removed I found my skin to be instantly a lot brighter, softer and to have a cleansed sensation.

The beauty of the new 2- in - 1 masks is that they come with a moisturiser or serum to slick on after
you have used the mask, the T-Zone mask comes with a moisturiser which again has a Tea Tree scent,
it is thick and easily absorbed into the skin.
Although the mask is split into two sections you get a generous helping of both products,
in-fact in the past I have easily shared a mask with my sister with ease.

The T-Zone Peel Off mask costs £1.49 and is available from here - link
and from selected Asda stores.