I couldn't do an all things Orange day without including a body type product
and what better than an essetianl everyday product?

Admitedly I never thought I'd see the day when I blogged about hand wash of all things
but then I thought about it said why not we all use it (hopefully)
and if you find something new that works well, looks stylish
and may be of interest for some why not share it?

"Label.M – known for its beautifully olfactic formulations, 
has introduced Basil & Mandarin Hand Wash specifically for stylish bathrooms.
Formulated to be effective - yet gentle, this energising hand cleanser comes enriched 
with added moisturisers plus a fresh fragrance that's infused with Sicilian Mandarin and Basil Oils."

Label M is part of the Toni & Guy chain so you can expect a great quality product.
The hand wash comes simply yet stylish packaged and should fit in with most bathroom schemes,
as with most liquid soaps it comes with a pump for easy dispensing of product.
The soap has a lovely fresh natural scent, layers up well and leaves the hands clean
without stripping out the moisture which is essential if like myself you wash your hands constantly.
My only problem with it is that it is not anti-bacterial which is pretty much a must have
for any hand cleansing product I buy, I'm quite fussy about germs 
and although I do think this is a nice enough hand product I wouldn't re-purchase this
until an anti-bacterial version popped up on the market.

Available in salons from the Tuesday 3rd April and online, 
late April exclusively at TONI&GUY, essensuals and specially appointed label.m salons worldwide. (S)