I have posted about a few Baby related personal care products in the past, namely bed time products
but today I thought it may be a good idea to share products aimed at babies that
are actually really great multi-purpose products wither you have a baby or not!

Baby Wipes
I tend to buy the Johnson's ones as those don't break my skin out 
and are really generously sized not to mention sturdy and really wet not dry like some wipes. 
Obviously you can use them for cleansing purposes such as taking off your make-up,
cleaning your hands on the go, dare I say it...as an alternative to showering if at a festival,
cleaning surfaces such as the table on the train etc etc 
but did you know they are great for removing sticky
labels such as those on the bottom of shoes or those that Superdrug seem to enjoy slapping on products.
Just rub the wipe over said label and scrub a little and tah dah all sticky traces are gone.
A must for any handbag really!

Baby Lotion
Again I only use Johnson's as it is all I have ever known - you can pick this up in most pound shops
or Supermarkets with such ease just don't pay over a £1 for a bottle!
You can use this as an all over body moisturiser - for added sheen mix in a little shimmery eyeshadow
or body powder and it will act as a base/primer and keep the shimmer locked on the skin.
It also makes a great gentle cream cleanser and will remove even the most stubborn make-up.

I apologize as I have no idea what the generic term for creams similar to Sudocream is?
Anyway Sudocream is a fabulous barrier cream that can be used on cuts, grazes and for irritated skin
but it can also be used on blemishes to heal and remove them from the face quickly.
Some even use it as a make-up base or smooth it all over the face and leave for 15 minutes
as an anti blemish skin treatment.
If like myself you have little hacks at the sides of your nails, this is a great treatment.

Baby Shampoo
Most baby shampoo's do the job but I personally find the scent of Johnson's comforting haha!
Moving on baby shampoo is a great option for those with delicate scalps or if you have over processed your
hair and need something gentle to wash your locks without being damaging.
Not only is it great for cleansing the scalp and hair but it makes a great brush cleanser too
as it is so gentle - I mix a little with virgin olive oil to cleanse my brushes.
The hospital also told my grandmother to water down some baby shampoo and use it as an eye bath
to soothe her red/irritated eyes from allergies/hayfever!

Baby Bath
I always try and buy the bath and wash 2-in-1 option as it means it doubles up as a shower gel
saving space in your bag - really handy if you travel a lot.
The reason I mention Baby Bath is that if you over do it in the sun this summer but still fancy a bath
then this is your new bath time buddy as it gives you lovely bubbles but is so delicate on the skin
not to mention that you can use it to wash in the shower too!
Generally speaking I have found baby bath's more moisturising too.

Do you ever use baby intended products?