Recently New Look collaborated with Giles Deacon to produce a beauty line for their stores.
The collection is quite vast with over 50 products on offer and in my opinion the entire range is
budget friendly with the most expensive item retailing at £5.99 - the nail wraps.
As I have quite an array of products from the range to share I will be adopting a mini review style
so to not bog everyone down with mountains of text!

The Good
The price point is affordable and the shades are lovely and bright allowing those on a budget
to inject a little colour into their make-up stash without paying a small fortune.
Both shades I tested - Dusky Pink and Red.
did not cling to any dry patches on my lips and felt really comfortable to wear
and in all honesty the formula is rather moisturising which I feel is often neglected
when it comes to lower end make-up brands.
Also in the lid of each shade there is a small clip on/off pot that contains a drop of lipstick!

The Bad
The lipsticks aren't terribly secure in their casing and my red one snapped off in transit,
however this can happen to any lipstick or brand so I don't feel it's a massive problem.
I did find the lipsticks a little hard in formula to begin with 
but once they warm up ( I pressed my thumb on the sharp edge) they apply well.
The red shade did have a tendency to bleed but that is not unusual for any red shade really.

The Indifferent
In this case I'm not offended by the packaging yes it is plastic but I don't find it terrible
but this may not be the case for everyone and I respect that - different strokes and all.
These lipsticks do have a scent which is fruity (think juicy fruit gum) 
which again may not be to everyone's taste but the good news is that it is not detectable one worn.
They aren't very long lasting wearing for around 3 hours each 
but in fairness I've experienced high end shades that have wore for that period too!

Summed up - Moisturising bright lip shades that are comfortable to wear with an average wear time.

Both shades cost £2.99 and are available from selected New Look Stores
and via their web store - link