Recently New Look collaborated with Giles Deacon to produce a beauty line for their stores.
The collection is quite vast with over 50 products on offer and in my opinion the entire range is
budget friendly with the most expensive item retailing at £5.99 - the nail wraps.
As I have quite an array of products from the range to share I will be adopting a mini review style
so to not bog everyone down with mountains of text!

The Good
As far as lip glosses go these are rather pigmented and do supply more than just a wash of
colour that so many other lip glosses do which surprised me.
If you like the idea of gloss but hate the lack of pigmentation these are something you may enjoy.
The glossed come in a range of finishes including ones with shimmer.

The Bad
I found the gloss to be fairly sticky and unlike the previous glosses by Giles
these feature a doe foot applicator which makes application a little tricky
as the gloss does not apply well with this style of applicator, the end results tend to be patchy
and I found that the doe foot sponge takes off more gloss than it applies.
Again the products do not come with the shade names printed on them which is a problem
for the entire range.

The Indifferent
Like the lipsticks these have a light (emphasis on the word light) fruity scent 
that may not be to everyone's taste but I can report that it is not detectable once worn.
I feel some may grumble about the packaging but in fairness I don't really see how it can be improved
for the style of the product, I actually find it to be a little better than most squeeze lip glosses?
As with all glosses the wear time is not great but that is always the case with lip glosses,
I have found these to wear for a little over an hour.

Round Up - Pigmented lip glosses that may be what some are looking for.

You can purchase these lip glosses for £2.99 in selected New Look Stores
or via their web store - link.

This post contains PR samples.