I'm stepping up my game in order to have lovely long healthy locks in time for summer.
I really would enjoy nothing more than to restore my hair back to it's former glory 
and i'm trying everything and anything in my power to get that to come true,
which has brought me to testing some items from the Naked Rescue Hair Care Range.

"Because your hair deserves the kindest treatment of all, we don't use harsh detergents - only gentle plant based cleansing ingredients, so you can embark on a mission ( not impossible ) to rescue those tresses in distress. Vegetarian and vegan friendly."

Each item in the Naked Rescue Range is made with lots of naturally derived ingredients, 
without sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals.
Naked Rescue also do not test on animals so you can lather up without worry!
The packaging of both items is really simple but functional, the conditioner comes in a soft squeezy bottle 
which is easy to use even when wet and slippery in the shower!
The Shampoo comes in a hard plastic bottle with an easy pour spout which makes shampooing a breeze!

Both the shampoo and conditioner that are tailored for dry/frizzy hair contain sweet almond and sunflower
which scents the products with a lovely light almond scent that reminds me of marzipan.
I love almond so this scent really scores high on my little sniff test (real thing I promise haha).
The duo aim to improve the appearance of split, frizzy and snapped hair all the while being gentle.
I did see a difference in my dry hair mostly at the ends which is where I need it most,
the ends appeared less damaged and fluffy resulting in a smoother and glossy finish.
I feel to gain the best results you would have to use both products but given their low price point
I can't see that being much of an issue with those with similar hair woes.

Naked Rescue Shampoo for Dry/Frizzy Hair
If you have never used a paraben/sulphate free shampoo you may be a little alarmed when it doesn't lather
quite as well as you have grown accustom to but after a few uses you grow used to it 
and if you lather rise and repeat the second wash the shampoo lathers up much better! 
The shampoo itself is thick and really gentle on the hair and scalp, it cleanses without stripping the hair
of its natural oils and it is also safe to use on coloured hair.

Naked Rescue Conditioner for Dry/Frizzy Hair 
The conditioner is gloriously thick, each time you use it you will feel like you are applying a treatment
rather than an every day conditioner!
Please don't worry about the thickness of this product as it does not weigh down the hair
nor does it leave behind a nasty residue on your hair.
I found the conditioner to sink in and truly hydrate the hair while lightly scenting as it went!
The conditioner truly is great and so much better than anything I have found on the high street
in terms of a typical conditioner anyway, one to investigate if your hair is dry that is for sure.

You can find the Naked Rescue hair care line and skin care range at www.keepmeinspired.co.uk
The Naked Rescue Range costs £3.99 per item for 250ml (S) - link