Let me show you my guilty scent secret!
Okay I don't actually feel guilty about it but one of my favourite ever scents 
is Britney Spears Fantasy I can wear really expensive obscure perfume 
and no-one will as much as give it a second whiff yet when I wear this compliments galore. 
Sods law indeed! 

I was recently contacted by The Perfume Club UK - link who kindly asked me to 
select a few items to review and share on my blog. 
The Perfume Club UK offers products from well known brands such as Chanel 
and Dior for up to 75% off R.R.P with over 4000 lines in both perfume 
and cosmetics beauty junkies like myself are completely spoiled for choice! 
I really enjoyed browsing the perfume section and made a rather lengthy list of scents 
that I will eventually own...one day after a lottery win haha! 

From the huge scent selection on The Perfume Club UK I chose an old but firm favourite! 
Yep Britney Spears Fantasy - link, I decided to go for the largest size bottle 
as when it comes to this scent I really can't get enough and the 100ml bottle was only £24.87 
and I saw that as too good a deal to pass on, although I should have got a smaller size to travel with 
but there is no denying that this size will last me much longer than the smaller sizes! 

I truly love the pretty pink gumball bottle that is Britney Spears Fantasy! 
Bright pink, adorned with green jewels that clash and make it a wonderfully over the top design 
that takes centre stage on my dressing table. 
I do normally prefer simple packaging but once in a while it is nice to throw caution to the wind 
and admit that I like the garish bottle this comes presented in. 
The box is also rather pretty - a bright medley of colours that form an almost paisley print. 

"Fantasy Britney Spears is for the woman who is seductive, charming and elusive. 
A magic love potion of sweet temptation that leaves a tantalizing trail of embracing sensuality. 
An enticing mix of lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi, laced with a yummy cupcake accord,
Jasmine petals and sexy white chocolate orchid." 

It is a sugary sweet scent that just oozes utter girlyness, if the colour pink had a scent this would be it. 
Fantasy is distinct yet not overpowering and perfect for day time wear but it can hold its own in the evening. 
I recall when this first launched thinking "oh great yet another celebrity scent" but for me this has stood the 
test of time and going by the level of bottles I have finished over the years that should this scent 
ever be discontinued I will be heart broken. 
That being said Versace Woman Perfume smells quite alike - link albeit it does smell a little more mature 
but still a great alternative to keep under your hat should you require something similar. 

My experience with The Perfume Club UK was great, the website was easy to navigate 
and the check-out was simple with various payment methods including paypal. 
The shipping cost is a little over £6 which I deem to be fair as it shipped from overseas (Spain) 
and also includes a UPS tracking number so you know where your order is at any time, 
great for peace of mind. 
My package arrived from Spain within 5 working days in perfect condition and well packed, 
with a little blue gel mask as a gift! 
I would definitely use this service again to place a cheeky order every now and then.