Mavala Candy Floss Nail Polish is one of 6 candied colours from the S/S Delicious Collection.
The idea is that the 6 shades can be worn together or alone to create a sweet and oh so feminine finish!
With pastels/sherbet shades being bang on trend nail polish is a great way to tap into such trends
without breaking the bank and with minimal effort to update your look too!

Candy Floss is a sweet mid toned bright pink that has a noticeable blue undertone,
this shade is a crème finish but does have the most subtle shimmer running through out
and by subtle I mean it you really have to look for it but it does give the shade a little extra special something!
I will be honest and say this shade needs 3 coats to be fully opaque and streak free
but it is worth it for the colour and each coat does dry quickly!

As always this bottle of Mavala polish is 5ml - great size for travel or for those like myself who never
manage to finish a full bottle of polish!
The Mavala formula is free of parabens, formaldeydes, tolune, camphore, cellophane, animal products
and heavy metal (the substance not the music haha), 
the unique formula also allows the nail bed to breathe as it delivers unique microscopic air pockets.

Mavala Candy Floss Nail Polish (S) 5ml/£4.30 is available from John Lewis and Debenhams.