I'm not going to go into much detail about the packaging and scent - red spray bottle with a beautiful scent,
that reminds me a little of Hugo Deep Red perfume which is such a treat to use.
The spray applicator results in an even application but also allows you to target specific areas.

John Frieda Full Repair Heat Activated Styling Spray is really straight forward to use,
you spray on to wet/damp hair and then style your hair with any heat tool you desire.
The great thing is that this spray is lightweight and contains Inchi Inchi oil which not only helps to
protect your hair while you style - no need for a separate heat protection as this covers that too
as well as helping to repair your hair as you go!

If like me you hate sticky styling products or those that turn your hair stiff this is one for you.
I use this instead of hair spray to set my curls both of my real hair and hair extensions.
I know some will be like on your hair extensions...say whattttt?
Well after washing my extensions I give them a quick spritz of this styling spray then allow them to dry,
once dry I use a curling tong on them and skip the hair spray completely 
as John Frieda Full Repair Heat Activated Styling Spray provides enough hold to keep my curls in place
without a sticky barrier or stiffness, the hold is great and long lasting but natural.
If you find your hair doesn't stay straight all day give your hair a spray of this while wet
and when it comes to actually straightening it you will see that the style holds all day even in humidity!

All in all a really great alternative to hair spray!
John Frieda Full Repair Heat Activated Styling Spray 100ml/£5.99 (S)
and available from Boots and Superdrug - link