As a very picky lady my hair colour changes rather often
and up until recently I used to strip out deep shades by using harmful bleach.
I have completely wrecked my hair more times than I care to count
with one time being so horrendous that the kindest solution was to shave it all off...sob!
Then one day I heard about a wonder product that removed hair dye minus the bleach,
my initial thoughts were this is too good to be true but none the less I put it to the test.

Colour B4 comes in two versions - original which is for light/medium hair dyes 
and for those without colour build up (i.e. countless layers of hair colourant etc).
There is also Colour B4 Extra Strength which is the only one I have tested,
the Extra Strength version is for those who have used deep shades and/or have colour build up.
Colour B4 works by shrinking and "flushing" away the artificial colour particles on the hair follicles.
I am not going to pretend I'm ever knowing about hair because I am not but the process is really easy
all be it a little tedious and water heavy.

You essentially mix parts 1 and 2 together and apply it to dry hair, leave to process and rise off.
For best results you should wrap your hair in clingflim as the heat helps the product to work best,
you should only use this product in a warm room and keep out of drafts in order to see the best results.
I left the solution on my hair for the full hour as the shade I was removing was a deep chocolate brown
but in some cases 20minutes is more than significant.
I will be honest the product stinks! Imagine rotten eggs and you are close...bleurgh!
The next steps are so boring and will have you cursing your shower but I must stress how important it is
to just grin and bare it, in the name of sexy hair and all!
Next you must rise your hair for a full 10/15minutes in order to flush out all those shrunken colour particles,
after that you apply step c which is essentially a shampoo and allow it to sink in for a moment
and then lather it up before yet again rising your hair for 5/10 minutes then repeat.
It is such a chore but worth it as Colour B4 does not ruin your hair in the sense bleaching will
after using you may notice that your hair is a little dry but nothing that a deep condition won't solve!

Once you have used this product you may be left feeling a little disheartened as the results are not evident
until you have dried your hair, wet hair looks darker than when dry 
so fully dry your hair before making any judgement.
Colour B4 will restore your hair back to its lightest stage, so in my case it did not return it to my natural
light brown hue but to the honey blonde it was before I dyed it deep brown.
I should point out that some shades can not be removed by this process such as the waterproof versions
and some bright reds can also be troublesome, another factor can be excessive heat as it can melt 
colour particles on to the hair so consider this before purchasing.
It can also leave the hair porous meaning any shade immediately after will go a little deeper in tone
than intended so you may want to pick up a shade or two lighter to avoid this.

All in all I am really happy with the shade my hair was restored to as it is a really nice base colour
that I can easily get highlighted to the shade I desperately want to be.
Eggy smell aside I would use this again should the occasion arise!

Colour B4 is available from Boots starting at £10.20 - link