First Impressions of Rio Soniclease Skin Care
First Impressions of Rio Soniclease Skin Care

The Rio Soniclease is a micro-pulsating technology device that used daily helps to minimise pores,
oily and dry patches, blemishes and generally improve the appearance of the skin.
It also prepares the skin so it absorbs any treatment such as moisturiser more efficiently.
The brush head is dense yet soft enough for the most delicate and sensitive of skins.
You can adjust the settings to suit your skin type - two settings low and firm.
It is waterproof, rechargeable with a docking unit and a 20second timer alert so you have a more 
complete cleansing routine.
It also comes with a spare brush head so you can replace it when your initial brush has seen better days.

First Impressions of Rio Soniclease Skin Care
First Impressions of Rio Soniclease Skin Care
First Impressions of Rio Soniclease Skin Care

I have used the Soniclease twice - well four times in total, two days morning and evening
and thought I would share my first impressions.
The first usage was the oddest I am very much a muslin cloth girl and brushing my face of sorts felt bizarre.
Once you get past that it is actually quite relaxing and not at all ticklish...yes that was a worry of mine!
I normally use a foam type cleanser but did not find that the best option when using the Soniclease,
instead I found a typical foaming gel type cleanser to work well.
I also discovered that it is best to apply the cleanser directly to the brush rather than your face.
The Soniclease removed every little scrap of make- up and left my skin feeling super soft,
I did also notice that my moisturiser absorbed much quicker than usual.
So far I have encountered the dreaded purge stage that some have experienced 
but I am very new to the concept and this is my initial thoughts so this time next week
things could be dramatically different!

I know this type of cleansing product is pricey and not something most of us would buy on a whim.
I have decided in order to give you all the best in-depth review possible that I will do updates
as we all know skin care can take months to properly work.
So I will update as follows:
1 week use update.
1 month use update.
3 month use update.
That way you can follow my progress and decide if such product is for you or not!

Rio Soniclease £49.99 (S) - link 

Have you tried the Soniclease or anything similar?