Rimmel's latest release is their Wake Me Up Foundation,
I'm sure you have seen the promotional advert with Kate Moss rolling around a large bed no?
Well the newest foundation comes in a curvy glass bottle with a neon orange lid,
i'm not too sure how I feel about the obvious orange accents but I do appreciate the pump dispenser.
It makes dispensing the foundation a dream, my only niggle packaging wise is that it is not
exactly travel friendly - easily shattered and not allowed in air port hand luggage!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation claims to illuminate the skin with mineral pearl beads
now i'm not disputing that it doesn't illuminate the skin and give a general feel of freshness
and a lovely glow but I can not for the life of me detect any pearl beads in the formula!
Perhaps they are minuscule or perhaps I need a trip to Specksavers?
Either way this foundation does awaken the skin and not in an overly glitter manner like
some of the "Anti-Fatigue" foundations of the past 
but in a light, refined way it adds more of a dewy glow more than anything 
however it does perk the skin up none the less and that is all that matters.

The foundation itself is fairly thick and creamy, it has a light fresh scent typical of Rimmel products.
I found it to glide on and blend well into the skin, granted you do have to have the correct shade
in order to gleam the best results. Yes the shade I have is a little too light - 201 Classic Beige
but the shade deeper was too dark and orange in tone.
Annoyingly this only comes in six shades so a wide range of skin tones will not be able to purchase this
purely based on no suitable shade being available, 201 Classic Beige is roughly an NC30/35.
The shade up is slightly pinker and best suited to around an NW30ish give or take.
Hopefully the first six shades are just to test the water and a wider spectrum will roll out eventually?

Anyway the formula glides on to the skin and disguises any imperfections such as enlarged pores
and in my case acne scarring without feeling thick and heavy on the skin.
However having the cold I do have slight dry patches around my nose 
and this foundation to cling like grim death to and highlight the dryness
so for that reason I wouldn't really recommend this for dry skin
but it did remarkable well with my oily skin - it stayed put for around 8 hours so not too bad!

All in all a great foundation just a shame about the lack of shades available.
This is available from most Rimmel counters but I found it on offer in Savers for £5.99,
normal R.R.P is £8.99/30ml.