Mac Ever Hip is probably the most lusted after limited edition Mac Lipstick isn't it?
Sure Mac re-promote it ever now and then...okay once but there is never enough to go round!
There is countless dupes out there I mean coral lipstick is not really anything new
but how many dupes can claim to be a measly £1?

A brief note on the packaging, a simple plastic tube.
Not the most fancy but not in any way offensive to the eyes nor does it scream cheap.
It does the job and the bottom clips off to reveal a tiny pot of lipstick in the same shade as the bullet.

Shade 16 actually comes with a name and said name is Nectar,
kudos to MUA for listening to it's customers and actually introducing a naming system,
I for one appreciate that and always find it pleasing when a brand can take constructive criticism. 
Nectar is of course a bright coral shade that leans more to the orange and peach end of the colour spectrum
rather than the pink side of coral.
It has a light yellow undertone and leans neither light or cool making it a pleasing neutral shade.

The formula of Shade 16 is surprisingly good considering the price point.
I found it to glide on with ease and not tug or drag on the lips.
The shade was opaque in one swipe and it applied smoothly not patchy at all,
it has a slightly glossy finish and feels moisturising on the lips.
It feels light and almost balm like and easily lasts two hours plus
not bad for a £1 lipstick!

Okay what we all came for to see how it compares to Mac Ever Hip!
It is not an exact duplicate Ever Hip has a slightly more pink tone where as Nectar is slightly more orange
yet they are not worlds apart and once applied to the lips they are pretty much similar.
They both are light bright coral shades with a shot of peach and a glossy finish.
As Mac Ever Hip is hard to source and the other option Barry M shade 147 is matte
I do think this is the best dupe I have found thus far!

Product Summary

Round Up - A cheap and cheerful coral lipstick.
Best For - Everyone particularly for £1
Pigmentation - (7/10) Really well pigmented, I have experienced far worse in pigmentation levels for a higher cost.
Availability - MUA store - link, £1/3.8g also available in selected Superdrug stores 
and via their website - link