Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Coffee Cake - Review

28 February 2012

Yet another new product to hit the shelves and sadly again not those in the U.K
is Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes available in 10 shades
that promise a natural yet buildable flush of colour due to it's revolutionary gel formula.
It it aims to apply like a cream blush and dry to a powder finish... intriguing non?

As mentioned these are not readily available in the UK so I bought a few from eBay,
when they arrived I was a little shocked by how small and flimsy they feel.
These are not well packaged and feel a little cheap to me.
I also have little faith that the compact would survive a drop or three 
but as always I shall not judge the product on it's encasing but on how it preforms.

The first shade I have to share is called Coffee Cake which is not a rich brown
but more a golden tan shade that almost borders on peach.
It has a light rose gold sheen when swatched/applied and is generally a light tan shade.
On pale skins this would be a pretty bronzer type shade
but on medium-deep tones this will be a highlight.

The formula of these takes a little getting used to at first.
Initially I did not realise these are sheer blushes that you can build if you so wish
so I was digging away and have all but ruined my Coffee Cake blush by doing so.
These have a sponge like feeling and do bounce back somewhat if you prod with your finger.
They apply best once warmed so do pat it with your fingertips before applying.
I don't really feel like these do have a gel sensation they feel more like a harder cream blush
but once applied they do live up to the powder aspect.
Pigmentation wise these are not great unless build up but they are meant to be sheer so that explains that!
You could also use these as a base to apply a powder blush on top off to give more colour intensiveness. 
In terms of wear they wore a little shy of 8 hours so fairly average but they do feel light weight on the skin,
wear comfortably and would be a great product for the warmer weather.

Product Summary
Round Up - A hard cream blush that applies sheer and dries to a powder finish.
Best For - A light flush of colour, would be a great addition for the warmer weather.
Pigmentation - (6/10) Each shade is sheer so they are not meant to be pigmented.
Availability - Not yet in the U.K I bought mine from eBay - link


  1. Oooh, this does look lovely! I can imagine it'd look nice over the top of a powder if sheer! <3


  2. I really couldn't help but giggle at the last picture, that's such a shame!

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

    1. haha I know I'm far too heavy handed haha!

  3. i love the colour of this! I really want to try these, thanks for the review :) xx

  4. I got one from eBay as well, I dunno how I feel about them!
    What did you do to yours haha? Poor thing :)

    1. Haha I'm just too heavy handed at times :)

  5. I love the look of this, but not too keen on the shade xx

  6. gorgeous look!! :) i love that shade just came across your blog..really nice

    Dont miss my HARVEY PRINCE PERFUME Worldwide giveaway :)

  7. This looks like a really lovely colour but it's such a shame that the packaging is very good because I do like nice strong pieces as I carry mine around everyday so they need to last! I love how you took the photos in coffee! Such a good idea :)
    Please check out my blog: and follow if you like :) xxxx

    1. I agree I need things to be sturdy :)
      aww thank you :)

  8. This sounds like a great product, looking for something a little more pinky though... :)

    1. I have two pinky ones to share so hopefully one will be more you :)

  9. This is a very pretty colour, I'm looking forward to trying these out when they hit the UK x

  10. lol. didn't bounce back in the last pic did it :P haha xxx

  11. Hope these come out soon in the UK I hate having to wait forever for them. How do they compare with topshop's cream blushes in terms of texture and cream to powder formula? X

    1. I know what you mean, it feels like we are always last!
      Topshop blushes are much more pigmented, softer and generally easier to use :)

  12. I think sometimes I could do with a more sheer blush, Im always leaving the house in a hurry looking a little flushed! haha the colours do look so pretty aswell, very feminine compared to some harsh matt blushers which are knocking around recently!xxx

  13. Mmmm, not convinced yet. So far I have not really enjoyed cream blushes to be honest. But I will give it a swapping try if I encounter it somewhere.

  14. Mmmm, not convinced yet. So far I have not really enjoyed cream blushes to be honest. But I will give it a swapping try if I encounter it somewhere.

  15. I personally don't really like cream blushes but the colour of this blush does looks really pretty !

  16. I actually like the sheerness of these. :^) By the way I can smell the coffee from here, smells great! haha

  17. I am not atracted to them since they are so sheer

  18. I can imagine how this would get messy in the pan! I was intrigued by its texture but I think I'll give these a skip x

  19. The shade is pretty! Its a shame that the packaging isnt durable =/

  20. Really loving the colour but not sure I'd like the texture xx

  21. i want to try these blushes, really hope they come out in the uk! x

  22. I've been wanting to buy these just to TOUCH them! Haha.

  23. Can you review the other one color, PEACH SATIN? I feel fall in love with that ; D


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