So St Valentines Day is tomorrow
and if there is ever an excuse to bust out a red lipstick tomorrow is the day!
I thought I'd share the newest red in my collection Gosh Lambada.

Gosh packaging is always simplistic but doesn't quite border on the cheap,
they stick with the tried and tested black uniform with matte touch for their lipstick line.
I find the casing to be well made and sturdy but if like I you own a large quantity of lipsticks
it can be rather difficult to determine which brand is which when in a hurry.
If I ever designed a lipstick or any beauty product for that matter I'd want it to be instantly recognisable.

Gosh Lambada is a bright bold red with a hint of a yellow undertone.
To me Gosh Lambada is a typical true red that screams glamour!
The Lambada is of course a day with it's origins firmly in Brazil 
so I don't quite see where their inspiration has come from but hey ho!
The shade is pretty universal and suit suit most colourings 
and is a good red shade to have just in case...
but that being said the shade does lack originality and you will more than likely
already own a shade very similar if not identical.

The formula of Gosh Lambada is silky soft and glides on with such ease
in the past I have found some red lipstick formulas to be a tad drying but this is a dream!
It feels light and moisturising on the lips yet has unbelievable pigment levels
so much so that one swipe is all that is needed to provide full coverage -
this would be an wonderful formula for those with highly pigmented or dark lips.
As with most red lip shades this can bleed a little so I do recommend using a liner and sealant,
I experienced no flaking but it does stain a little again this is not new for a red tone.
In terms of wear this lasted around 4-5 hours before signs of wear appeared.

Product Summary
Round Up - All in all a brilliant red lipstick with an even better formula that is great for Valentines Day
and beyond!
Best For - Everyone this shade due to it being neutral and having high levels of pigment it will work for each and every skin tone.
Pigmentation - (9/10) Truly amazing!
Availability - Superdrug stores and via Superdrug's web store - link , £6.49