I shall keep this review as condensed as possible after all we all know what eye liner is!
Clinique Quick Liners for Eyes Intense are mechanical pencil type liners that come
complete with a foam smudger at one end, perfect for smoking the liner out.
They are currently available in four limited edition shades with another two limited edition shades
being released later this month so not long to wait!

I was sent Intense Charcoal and Intense Ivy both are deep shades that from a distance
give the image of black but in reality are a softer option.
Perfect for those who find Black a little too intense or perhaps boring?
The name intense suggests that these will pack a punch in terms of pigmentation
and that is very true, the colour pay off is incredible!
Intense Charcoal is a deep grey shade that is only a few shades shy of Black.
Intense Ivy is a super dark bottle green shade that is as intense as it is original!
Both shades appear to be matte in formula until you blend them into the eye,
once you do that little flecks of silver glitter are apparent in both shades.
I didn't find the glitter to be an irritant in any sense.

Left to Right Ivy, Charcoal both applied and smudged out.

Okay on to the formula!
These glide on like a gel formula and blend with such ease.
The mechanical style makes application precise and easy, perfect for those with less than a steady hand.
As earlier mentioned they come complete with a soft foam applicator with is soft and basic to use.
Application aside the lasting power of these pencils is unbelievable,
basically you have 30 seconds before they set because once these set they do not budge.
You can rub these, have a cry, walk in the rain and these babies will not slide not even an inch!
They only way to remove these is with a good eye make-up remover other wise it will stay put
even on the water line, seeing truly is believing with these pencils.
A full working day is a breeze for this formula, I would even bet it could last a full 24 hours!
Go into Clinique and swatch these and you will completely understand what I mean.

Product Summary
Round Up - A non budging soft eye liner.
Best For - Anyone who struggles with eye liner wear time. Oily skins may enjoy these particularly.
Pigmentation -(9/10) Really, really pigmented.
Availability - All the shades are limited edition, available from Clinique - link, £14/0.3g

The above product/s were sent for consideration of review.
I was not compensated in any shape or form.
The opinions expressed in this post are 100% truthful and my own!