With cupid just around the corner I thought I'd bust out some red shades!
Now all I have to do is find a rich and handsome valentine haha!
I'm kidding I don't mean to be a kill joy but surely every day should be about love
not just the 14th of February non? 

Undeniably the Accessorize Lipstick range is beautifully packaged.
Each shade is housed in a pretty silver case with a large diamanté on the lid...
diamonds are a girl's best friend even is they are faux!
The case itself is sturdy and the lipstick is well secured inside.

Granted Really Red looks very much like your typical red lipstick 
it does in fact have a yellow under tone resulting in it being a good general all round red shade, 
with it having a neutral undertone it shouldn’t look horrendous on anyone! 
I'd like to mention that yellow tone is not that evident in the photos
but very much so in real life and when compared to other red lip colourants.
Neutral red's are a great starting point for anyone wishing to experiment with red shades
but don't quite know if cool or warm tones would suit them best.

Really Red has a  glossy finish but is slightly drying so you may want to apply a little lip balm
before and/or after application to make it more comfortable to wear.
I found the Accessorize formula to apply opaque and offer full coverage in one swipe
okay as mentioned it is a little drying but this shouldn't cause any problems
unless of course you wear it all day every day.
I typically achieve just less than three hours of wear with this shade and formula
but did find the shade to bleed and smudge so a liner would be a good choice with this shade.
As with most red lipsticks this did stain which can make it rather pesky to remove.

Product Summary
Round Up - A bright red lipstick with a slight yellow tone.
Best For - Most as it is neutral in tone.
Pigmentation - (7/10) Good enough but room for improvement.
Availability - Selected Superdrug stores and via Superdrug's webpage - link £5