Everyday City Essentials with Badoo

- This post contains sponsored content - I live, work, play and vacation in one city or another; I love the noise, vibrancy and lifestyle that comes with it but what it does to my complexion is another matter entirely. If you are visiting a large city anytime soon, or perhaps like myself currently reside in one, then you may find the following pointers and general rummage, around the contents of my everyday handbag somewhat helpful.

Everyday City Essentials with Badoo


Sure a smart phone is all but a given city essential (seriously how did we all cope without Google Maps) but the one app I strongly suggest you download is Badoo. Yes it is a dating app but it is so much bigger that (no seriously, it is the world's largest app of its kind) not to mention safer too (24/7 support and photo verified accounts - sorry catfishes. Complete with a mutual friends option too). Badoo is not what you have come to expect from a dating app, rather Badoo let's you meet new people on your own terms: be that to date or simply to meet new people in your city - home or away.

I'm only getting to grips with the Badoo app so I don't have much of a real, first hand experience as of yet (perhaps there will be a follow up post) but my friend who has recently moved to New York City, utterly swears by it. As she re-located to further her career, going to bars, parties and other typical social gatherings were somewhat impossible on the account that she knew very few people - that and everyone in her office is pretty much married. Fast forward three months and she's forever singing the praises of Badoo - through this app she has safely met her current boyfriend, a gaggle of friends and now feels so much more at home in the city that once seemed overwhelming.


With sun, rain, snow and all that is in between, you most definitely should be slathering on a stand alone facial SPF but I suggest going one step further and ensuring your day skincare also protects against harmful UV rays. The good news is that great everyday essentials don't have to break the bank, my current go to moisturiser for day wear is Vichy Slow Age Day Cream; the thicker texture doubles up as a nourishing primer and it helps to combat premature ageing, as well as shielding the skin from irritants such as city pollution. My eye cream is slightly more pricey but so far I haven't found anything else quite comparable - Origins A Perfect World SPF 20 Age-Defense Eye Cream, again this contains SPF (fairly rare in such product category) but primarily, gently nourishes and moisturises the delicate eye area.

City life does go hand-in-hand with exposure to pollution which can leave the complexion congested, my solution? Clay based cleansers and face masks. At the moment L'Oreal are pretty much king of clay based facial products, with the L'Oreal Pure Clay Purity Wash and L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask being two of my personal favourites. I don't use these daily but rather when my skin is all but calling out for a deep cleanse - it is by far more cost effective than a trip to a facialist.


My rules for anything that makes the grade of permanent status in my handbag are: a, it can hold up in all weather conditions and b, it doesn't take up too much space; less is truly more because really who wants to lug more than they need to?

I have no more than three lip products in my bag at any time, which now that I have come to construct this post does sound excessive but hear me out. I have one nude which is actually a lip and cheek tint complete with a gloss - if you haven't tried the Pixi Gel Tint and Gloss you are missing out. This nifty duo gives me a fail safe, go-with-everything-lip-option, that can be amped up with gloss as well as an on-the-go flush of colour for my cheeks.

I also pack my Sephora Nano Lip Liner in Cute Caramel as it is so close to my natural lip colour, it can be worn under just about any lipstick shade as well as providing a great, simple and defined matte lip look. Lastly I have a pot of tinted lip balm - I prefer a red or berry shade as it is perfect for evening wear in a pinch and of course, again can be used in lieu of a blush should you wish. At the moment I've been reaching for Erborian Luminous Red Lip Balm which has a soft matte finish and is great for a quick moisture fix, even on the driest of lips.

My other four everyday essentials are relatively boring but what I deem necessities: a powder foundation (Clarins Ever Lasting Compact) - great for mopping up excess oil throughout the day, adding additional coverage when needed and of course it provides a travel mirror option. I don't always use my MAC Eye Brow Pencil but I feel so much better knowing it is in my bag, ditto random but small face make-up brush. Lastly it is rare that I won't pack a cream eyeshadow (I'm currently trailing NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Corfu) of some type, I typically go for deeper smoky eyes should I need to amp my make-up for an impromptu evening meal or event..


I'm Scottish so I of course never leave home without  an umbrella - it never rains but pours here, and as my hair is fairly unruly a few hair grips and ties don't go a miss too.

I have one last tip and that's to stash a pair of fairly fancy earrings in your bag, it is amazing just how quickly they can turn your outfit from day to night - and of course they don't take up much space either.

What's in your bag?
Have you tried the Badoo app yet?