A Little Catch Up

I know that they say in blogging you should never explain your absence but I feel in this situation it is the right thing to do, blog posts have been a little scarce as of late and if you are kind enough to click on my blog and read, you surely deserve an explanation of some sort?

As it goes 2016 thus far hasn't been a great year in terms of health for my family, I don't want to go into too much detail as this is a beauty blog and no-one really enjoys a (self) pity part but basically in late March my grandmother suffered a stroke. I'm not sure if anyone knows this or not but I do indeed stay at my grandparents home so this was a huge shock for us all. At the time I coped really well (if I do say so myself) and pretty much switched into pilot mode, helping look after my Granddad while my Grandmother was hospitalised. I of course had all the help in the world from my family and rather fortunately the NHS too. In mid-April my Grandmother was finally discharged and sent home for a long bout of speech and physiotherapy which I can very happily say have all but help her regain her independence once more.

Weirdly once she was given the all clear about two weeks ago I became really down and experienced a few panic attacks (something I'm not prone too) - I actually thought that it was heart problems due to chest pains (and the newness of the situation) but my doctor has assured me that it was anxiety. Stress has a bizarre way of manifesting doesn't it?

Anyway as such I have decided to take a few days off  from blogging and social media (the latter is not through choice my phone has broken) to re-charge, re-focus and get ready for the month ahead - lots of new posts will be coming your way July the 1st so it's not like I'm going anywhere for any length of time. Coincidentally I do have a good few new design elements that will be implemented in the coming days so that is pretty exciting, along with some what I think are great new features and wonderful beauty launches too.

Today I am in Belfast (well when you read this post at least) and tomorrow London and I have charged up my nifty little vlogging camera to capture little snippets - I'm not sure if that is of interest or not but I'm going to put it out there regardless ha!

Lastly, I have posted all but four blog sale parcels - a few buyers did not have an address on file but I have emailed all those concerned. Everything was sent second class recorded (it can take up to 10 days to get to you) but I do have receipts and tracking codes so any problems at all just drop me a line.

And that is all, see you all in two days.