Original Source Men Shower Gels Review

Like most, when I say borrowed, I really mean I politely ask to use such item and never, ever return it. You know the drill. For years now Original Source Shower Gels have lined the inside of my shower, rather than being adventurous I stayed fairly (there was the brief encounter with the limited edition Strawberry and Cream fragrance) loyal to Original Source Lime Shower Gel. A zesty, lively scent that really kick starts the day, well that was all I caught a glimpse of the male aimed fragrances.

I don't believe in beauty labels, you like what you like and if you happen to be a 5ft female with a penchant for strong, aquatic scents so be it; on the same page if you are a 6ft, bearded gentleman with a soft spot for delicate florals, go for it. You do you and I bet you smell great for your efforts. Labels, sch-m-ables. If you have less time on your hands to peruse every aisle in your local Boots or Superdrug store, let me share a few gloriously scented (and Vegan) yet utterly affordable body washes, you may be missing out on.

Original Source Men Shower Gels Review

Original Source Liquorice Body Scrub (£1 via Superdrug) - Admittedly not a fragrance that everyone will enjoy, I find Liquorice is a lot like Marmite - you either love or loathe it.  If you fall into the former rather than latter category then have I got a treat for you, Original Source Liquorice Body Scrub a sweet yet sharply scented body scrub that will leave your skin not only deeply cleansed but also soft to the touch. Despite not being the most "scrubby" of body scrubs this gentle exfoliator removes not only dry skin but also the remnants of old self tan. You judge me but most of us have dabbled with tanners at some point.

Original Source XXX Mint Hair and Body Wash (£1 via Superdrug) - If you have a soft spot for mint fragrances then this is what your morning shower has been missing. I have yet to encounter a stronger or more realistic scented mint product than Original Source XXX Mint Hair and Body Wash, it really does have a tingle factor and is perfect for kick starting the dullest of days. Typically I don't utilise body wash as shampoo but if you have been overloading your locks with product of late, not only will this shower gel remove any traces of residue but your scalp will tingle with freshness. An odd sensation to begin with but one you may find yourself enjoying.

Original Source Lemon and Chill Hair and Body Wash (£1 via Superdrug) - Lemon and Chilli, not necessarily something you'd imagine would translate well in terms of fragrance, well if food is not involved at least but oddly it is very pleasant. Sometimes lemon can be a little tart as a stand alone scent and very mundane, the addition of chilli adds a little kick without resulting in an overbearing spice invasion. If ever a lemon scent could be accused of being festive it is this. As a shower gel it is a pretty basic affair, it cleanses the skin without being overly drying or stripping, again it can double up as a shampoo should you wish but it is not nearly as clarifying as the above mint offering.

Origins Blue Ginger Body Wash (£1 via Superdrug) - I love Ginger, the scent, the taste, the everything. I'm guessing with such confession out in the open that it will come of little surprise that my new, favourite Original Source Body Wash is Blue Ginger. Slightly citrus in scent, a little sharp and entirely intoxicating - my limited vocabulary is making this quite the struggle to put on paper how wonderful this scent truly is. You will simply have to trust me that at £1 for a large 250ml bottle this is a risk you should be willing to take. As an added bonus along with being sufficiently cleansing it is deeply hydrating, perfect for taking care of Winter beaten and stressed skin.

What is your favourite Original Source Shower Gel or scent, I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't have one!