Hello, I have been missing in action due to a family emergency so I haven't had a chance to post an update. If you have tweeted or emailed me I have replied, if not this may answer any questions...

The last batch of paid for items were posted last Tuesday (22nd), I have kept hold of all receipts and proof of postage etc so please don't worry if what you have purchased has not shown up yet.

Basically we have a Royal Mail business account which means I can drop off my already addressed mail and they will attached all the labels etc and I don't have to wait around. This is the second time I have used such method for a sizeable amount of post, with the last being a previous blog sale. The first time around there was teething problems, which I was assured wouldn't happen again so I decided that since 30+ parcels had to be posted, I'd try the service again. Annoyingly similar problems have arisen and as such I do not recommend using the service. I've had nothing but trouble.

It seems that a good few parcels have been incorrectly labelled - not in terms of address but postage and postage type, particularly if liquids or nail polishes have been sent (they need special labels). As such a good few have been returned to me and will be re-sent 1st class tomorrow to prevent further delays.

I can not apologise enough and if you have any questions or problems with your purchase, or you simply want an update, please email me thesundaygirlblog@yahoo.co.uk and I will chase it up for you. Sorry again.