Shaving Subscription Boxes Are A Thing

At this point, I really did believe that just about every avenue of beauty subscription boxes had been explored - from make-up, candles, healthy snacks to feminine hygiene products, it seemed to be a case what could be possibly next. Well the answer is shaving, yes the humble razor and/or razor blades can now be delivered to your door.

Now personally this is not something I can ever see myself signing up for, nor needing but if you do go through a lot of razor/razorblades each month and want to save money; not to mention enjoy the convenience of having shaving supplies delivered to your door, this could be the novel idea you have been waiting on. Most shaving subscription boxes do seem to be aimed at men but there is a few that offer prettier razors for women, or of course you could just use a male razor - I often find them to be superior anyway.

Shaving Subscription Boxes Are A Thing

Sterling Shaving Club - Prices range from £3.49-£6.49, for three different options ranging from basic to luxurious. For said fee you will receive four fresh razor blades delivered to your door each month and of course a razor handle with your first order. This is one of the few UK based plans that offers a stand alone female option. Nothing changes in terms of the blade quality (not that it should), the only difference is that instead of a black/silver handle the female version if course pink - original? No but the thought was there.

Shave Kit - If a more basic approach is your thing then Shave Kit is your guy, with basic razor choices and plans you can't really go wrong. Simply choose from a 3 blade (£6.95 per month) or 5 blade razor (£9.95 per month) and enjoy the shiny new razor blades delivered to your home every four weeks. Again with your first box you receive a handle in which to clip replacement blades into, this brand is male orientated but I see no good reason why us ladies can't use the razors to de-fuzz too?

Bearded Colonel - If two choices seems a little excessive, then perhaps the no fuss option that Bearded Colonel brings to the table is a safer bet. Unlike the above options Bearded Colonel offer one razor choice for £10 per month which again includes a handle with your first package and then follow up boxes of four replacement cartridges. If monthly deliveries seem a little excessive you can opt for fresh blades every two or three months, great if you don't shave all that often. Again this has been created with men in mind, however if a good shave rather than a pretty razor is what you are after I see no reason why this wouldn't be a great choice.

My guess is that it is only a matter of time before we see a few female shaving subscription boxes arrive on the scene. My guess is that it will feature pink razors and probably fruity shave gel - not that I'm complaining, who doesn't enjoy a fruity shower product?

So is it a yay or nay on shaving subscription boxes?
Is it something you'd consider for yourself or a loved one?