The Best Blonde Brow Product

Naturally my hair is brown that darkens in the Winter and lightens in the Summer - at the moment my baby hairs are now white as is all the hair surrounding my crown. Despite being a natural brunette I have very light eyebrows and eyelashes - great when you are a fan of bleaching your hair not so much when it comes to finding the perfect brow products.

For a moment let's forget about the medium of brow products - I'll happily use a gel, powder, pencil or a combination if the shade is flattering. The problem with blonde aimed eyebrow products mainly is the shade - I've lost count to how many I have bought that are far too warm toned to be passed off as natural, then there are the others which are so dark you'd assume they were aimed at brunettes. I've honestly yet too find a blonde specific eyebrow pencil or gel that I'd deem too light. I like my brows to be as natural as possible too light or ashy has yet to happen!

I have found some close but no cigar products along the way - Hourglass Arch Brow in Blonde; a great waxy pencil that works best of full brows and really does need to be blended with the spoolie to avoid harsh lines - on sparse areas or brows this can appear a little full on due to the deep tone of the pencil. Illamasqua Precision Brow Gels in Awe is also a good choice - a light, ashen almost grey toned brow gel that with the right hand can appear entirely natural. Oddly on my skin tone this leans a little too grey, something I did not bargain for at all. Lastly if in a pinch I have been known to fill my brows with Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow which for all intents and proposes is the perfect blonde brow shade for my skin tone and hair colouring - the problem is that it does not stay put, regardless of how I set it.

For a while I did tinker with tinting my brows so that purchasing brow products was a little easier - the problem is I don't like a strong brow. It looks too harsh on my face and does the opposite of what I had hoped for - maybe I'm just too demanding!

Now I know I'm not the only one in this boat, lots of people have fair eyebrows and do a great job of filling and shaping so there has to be a fitting solution out there for me! So I ask you fellow blondes: past, present or simply those with light brows - what do you use or what would you recommend to a friend? I need all the help I can get right now.