Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat Cologne Intense

Get ready for what is undoubtedly one of, if not the most masculine (and equally sexy, I may add) Jo Malone fragrance ever. Launching in June is Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat Cologne Intense, an oriental floral blend that will stop you in your tracks and perhaps bring you over to the darker side of the fragrance (nothing seedy, simply deeper more luxurious scent notes).

There is a beautiful back story to Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat Cologne Intense; inspired by the people and scent rituals of Oman, most notably Omani Incense which is harvest from the Boswellia Sacra Tree which is found in a swathe of land between land and ocean in Dhofar. The Omani people cherish fragrance and learn to layer scents from a very early age; be it lining clothing drawers with fresh jasmine, or infusing traditional dress with a favourite scent, fragrance is a huge part of their day to day lives.

Undoubtedly Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat Cologne Intense is a rich, warm fragrance and somewhat spice based - typically I don't enjoy spice based scents but this is something else. It is alluring, sophisticated and reminds me of the heat of the sun rather than festive, seasonal based spice notes. It is oddly clean, sharp, modern and fresh which could be due to the addition of Lemon and Pepper, combined with sweet Benzoin and Amber like flashes. The enchanting fragrance trail is of course completed with the brightness of Cedrat. Typically I deem Jo Malone scents to be aimed towards Women, I realise that a good few can and are deemed unisex but this is the first cologne from the brand that I have stumbled across in which I could agree it will smell equally wonderful on both sexes. In fact I'd go as far as saying it has a definite masculine edge.

Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat Cologne Intense is slightly smoky, mystical and unlike anything else I have experienced. Typically in the warmer months I lean towards aquatic or fruity florals and yet this deep and somewhat dark blend of usual scents has captured my heart. As I mentioned above it has a certain heat and complexity that should allow it to wear well even in the balmiest of days. Personally I will be treasuring it for evening wear and hopefully an exotic adventure further afield - as a side note this fragrance will also transition beautifully into Autumn. Although Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat is a cologne, it is an intense version - it lingers and clings to the skin wearing for a good solid six to eight hours before trailing off. It is one of those scents that weaves its way into clothing and sticks around for what seems like forever - in a good way of course.

When this launches in June, do stop by your local Jo Malone counter and test it out. I promise you shall not be disappointed. Perhaps it will be the warm, sensuous summer scent you have dreamed of.

Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat Cologne Intense £105/100ml via Jo Malone

This post contains a press sample.