Scalp Saving Products

Do you have an itchy, flaky and generally irritated scalp? Don't worry this isn't an advert for Head and Shoulders nor a sponsored post but rather a little advice. As many will know my scalp is a little sensitised due to bleaching but on the plus side I do have three products that will help soothe and repair. Oh and the best part is that they are all budget friendly!

Superdrug 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo - I have been on the look out for a shampoo that will not only cleanse my hair but also one that moisturises and to some degree helps to re-balance my scalp. Who knew that I would find something that ticks all the boxes in the kid's aisle in my local Superdrug. This shampoo not only costs less than £2 (currently 89p) but is easily one of the best moisturising formulations I have tried to date. It gently lathers to cleanse the hair and scalp yet is not at all stripping. Yes it does contain a certain degree of conditioner but it does not leave the roots limp nor greasy in the slightest. I happen to have little spots on my scalp due to the bleach and I have found that the addition of tea tree oil helps not only heal the problem but in turn prevents it from becoming any worse. A child's shampoo everyone should try even if you are a little off put by the quirky packaging.

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots -  is a light, leave in mist which not only conditions the hair but also in turn the scalp. I find it stops my scalp from being itchy, tight or sensitive and the good news is that it does not leave a greasy residue on the roots or anywhere else for that matter. I should mention it smells nothing short of fantastic - a blend of natural coconut, mint and eucalyptus oils. In my opinion the coconut and mint prevail in terms of scent. This is my second bottle as a friend was in a similar predicament as myself and I gifted her my original bottle. I have had this particular spray for over two weeks and have yet to make a dent in it as you only need a little. You see as I comb it through, less really is more. Typically I use this on towel dried hair before drying/styling but I have been known to apply this all over my hair come bed time, comb through and wash out the following morning. In my eyes it is an all over hair treatment that is not that far removed from leave in conditioner in terms of hydration. The main difference is the texture, this is not heavy in the slightest and is as close to weightless as you will ever find from a hair product that is hydrating. It nourishes the hair root to tip all the while soothing and calming an agitated scalp.

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic - I'm pretty sure everyone knows that to have good hair you need a healthy scalp, which in my mind is easier said than done. I mean other than shampoo or perhaps a little coconut oil really what can you do? Enter Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic which is not only a soothing treatment but with continued use it can help promote hair growth. Basically using the fine tipped nozzle you apply Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic directly to the scalp and massage in when the hair is damp and style as usual. As someone with a dried out and often itchy scalp I can not begin to tell you how wonderful this feels when applied - it is cooling, soothing and really does stop me from clawing away at my head. I find that although the initial relief is instant, with continued use my scalp has been less dry and generally irritated which is a bonus. Again less is more but don't worry if you do over use it won't leave the hair greasy or crispy for that matter. I do tend to reach for this on humid days and will use this a weekly treatment where as I'm more likely to use Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots after each wash.

If you have any other product that you think would help dried out and irritated scalps do let me know as I am a woman on a mission!