Today I am flying out to America for two weeks and unlike in the past I won't have my usual four posts per day. My personal life has been a little topsy turvy as late and for once I am actually going to take the full two weeks off and enjoy spending time with those near and dear. I know I don't owe anyone an explanation but it is nice to be kept in the loop none the less.

Basically I am going to be lazy and enjoy some time away from home and most likely shop until I drop. There will be a new post each day as well as giveaway on the second week but things will be a little slower around here. I doubt very much I will bother with social media but should you need to get in touch with me be it a general query or perhaps in regards to my recent blogsale please feel free to email me - thesundaygirlblog(at) and I will do my best to reply asap!

See you all in two weeks no doubt with a huge Sephora haul, a new project, a rival and maybe, just maybe a video! Hello Adrienne 2.0 ha!