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MAC Heroine Lipstick Review

MAC Heroine Lipstick

As you may be aware MAC have now made one of their most coveted shades permanent. MAC Heroine has been released a good few times over the last few years in various collections and of course sold out almost instantaneously so it only makes sense that they made the shade forever available. I'm hoping that they take the same attitude for a few other shades in the future...

MAC Heroine Lipstick
MAC Heroine Lipstick

There's no need for me to touch on the packaging as it is signature MAC - black and just like all the permanent lipstick shades the brand offers. The shade however is something special a brighter than bright true purple hue that demands attention. MAC Heroine is described by MAC as a bright purple but my opinion it is a little more than that. Sure it is a purple offering but it does have an evident shot of pink running throughout which is more obvious on some wearers than others. In the bullet it does look much deeper than it really is and doesn't hint at how bright Heroine can be. I realise this may sound utterly bizarre but every time I see this lipstick on someone I think of Disney villains(polar opposite of the lipstick name but hey) but in a good way. No just me. Okay then.

MAC Heroine Lipstick
MAC Heroine Lipstick
MAC Heroine Lipstick

MAC Heroine Lipstick is a matte offering which I personally enjoy as they tend to be one of the brands longest wearing formulas. Yes it is matte but I would describe it as a soft matte meaning it is not as drying as say MAC's Retro Matte nor is it as flat - I find it to have the slightest of sheens rather than being a completely matte wash of colour. There is no denying that it is super pigmented and long wearing with each application staying put for up to 3 hours even surviving eating and drinking. For reference Heroine is the most purple out of all MAC's lipsticks,Violetta is close but lighter, Rebel is more berry toned and Up the Amp is more muted and pink in tone.

Sadly I just can't pull this shade off...hey you win some, you loose some.

MAC Heroine Lipstick £15 via MAC - link

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  1. Purple lipsticks are my total favourite and I definitely don't own a purple, as purple as this! Off to MAC I go...

    Lorna | xx


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