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Witch Skin Care For Men Sneak Peek

Witch Skin Care For Men Sneak Peek

This isn't as much of a review but more a heads up that Witch have launched a range of skin care products for men which include cleansers, blemish sticks, afters shave balm and a moisturiser. Gone is the bright aqua packaging and in is a more manly navy blue offering. 

Witch Skin Care For Men Sneak Peek

Each product has been labelled with various steps to take the guess work out of skin care: Step 1 Clean, Step 2 Care and Step 3 Target which in my opinion is a great addition for younger men/boys who are new to skin care. I will hold my hands up and say that I was a little dubious about the range at first as the blemish stick is identical to the original formulation with the only change being a new sticker (the tube is also turquoise like before). I guess they are going for the if it ain't broke don't fix it mantra. However the rest of the products have been tweaked and in some instances are brand new.

Witch Skin Care For Men Sneak Peek

Witch already have an anti-shine moisturiser within their skincare collective but the new version for men has a more aquatic and dare I say it manly scent. I have tried a little on the back on my hand and can vouch that the formula is a little heavier but not so much that it will be detrimental to oily or blemish prone skin types. The same applies for the facial scrub - a little more intense with a more aftershave, typical men product scent. The completely new and men specific products include a 2-in-1 face and body wash which has been formulated to not only cleanse but bust blemishes both on the face and body.There is also a skin calming after shave balm which has a light silky texture and felt lovely on my legs after shaving...hey no harm in testing ha!

Witch Skin Care For Men Sneak Peek

This range is so new that the officially Witch for Men skin care website has yet to launch and of course the products have yet to hit the retailers. Until they do I have one of my many brothers trailing the entire range for me so that once the site is up and running etc I will be able to say what products are worth investigating.

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  1. Oh interesting - I think this is a good move by Witch. I like some of their skincare & now my hubby might start using some too


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