Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Image credit - link

Yep it seems the rumours that were circulating the blog-o-sphere not so long ago have turned out to be true and there will be a forth instalment (if you count the basics palette) to the Urban Decay Naked dynasty. Off course it is still not set in stone but I would say if Sephora sold a handful today (perhaps by accident) that it is almost a certainty that Urban Decay naked 3 is a goer, non?

I will admit that to begin with I thought it was all a hoax until I saw this beautiful blog post - link.
You can also see more images/info via this blog - link and this instagram account (she has a Sephora proof of purchase receipt) - link

So what makes Urban Decay Naked 3 different from the other neutral offerings? Well unlike the orginal palette it doesn't lean quite so warm and unlike the second it isn't entirely cool toned either. Rather this time around the shades seem to all have a slightly rose tinge. Is it beautiful? Oh god yes. Do I need it? Not so much but I think should it hit the UK...okay when it does it will be mine.

What do you think? Too samey or like myself will it be an instant purchase.
I'm really hoping Urban Decay Naked 3 will launch in time for Christmas. You can also find more info and images here 

All images are credit to Natacha Birds who's blog I have also mentioned above, I urge to head over there now and marvel at the new palette as well as reading the other rather lovely posts.