You wouldn't know it to look at me at the moment but I am slowly but surely becoming obsessed with eye brows and have splashed out on quite a few items in order to have my vision of perfect eye brows.
Sadly that means growing out my brows which is rather annoying, thank goodness for full fringes eh!

Anyway today I have a tinted brow gel filler that lightly fills out the brows using fibre particles
and tints the brows too, unlike pencils or brow powders the result is very natural and perfect for those
who have naturally full brows that just require a little grooming or for anyone who likes a very natural effect.

"Tinted eyebrow gel with thickening effect.
The Eye Brow Filler fills in small gaps in the eyebrow, making them beautifully dense. 
It shapes and fixes the eyebrow hairs in place, creating a perfectly made-up eyebrow that frames your face. 
Additionally, your eyebrows are conditioned and the eyebrow hair structure is improved.
Protects against free radicals."

As the Artdeco Eye Brow Filler is a gel the easiest method of application is to apply it straight from the tube
using the spoolie (mascara like wand) and gently brush and comb it on until you have your desired level of coverage, once you have done that you may find it beneficial to comb the brows through using an eyelash comb before the gel sets.

I expected the Artdeco Eye Brow Filler to set to a stiff finish a little like mascara but it is hardly noticeable 
and is soft to the touch with no flaking or smearing, if it can survive a wet day in Glasgow you know it's pretty much waterproof!
As the gel contains fibres I wouldn't recommend using this if you are a contact lens wearer but it did not irritate my sensitive eyes or skin.

The Artdeco Eye Brow Filler retails for £15/10ml and is available from Tender Loving Skin Care - link