4000 Follower Giveaway with Mark Hill at Boots

Monday, June 25, 2012

Recently I hit the 4000 GFC reader milestone and to celebrate the lovely people from Mark Hill at Boots
have compiled a huge hair product and tool bundle for me to give away to one lucky reader!

The Prize Includes

Mark Hill Sexy Waves & Curls Pro-Magic Wand - link 
Mark Hill Style and Go Travel Hair Dryer - link 
Mark Hill Holiday Hair Sun, Sea Frizz-Free Anti-Humidity Spray - link
Mark Hill Holiday Hair Beach Babe Wave Spray Sea Salt Spray 150ml  - link
Mark Hill Holiday Hair Beach To Bar Dry Shampoo 200ml - link
Mark Hill Holiday Hair Cover Up! Protection Spray 50ml - link
Mark Hill For The Love Of Glam! Session Styling Cushion Brush - link

Mark Hill Just Tease Me! Wide Tooth Comb - link

Mark Hill Take Control! Medium Round Brush - link

I'm sure we can all agree that however wins this will be hard pushed to say they are having a bad hair day ;)

To enter you must be a UK resident and be a follower of this blog publicly via Google Friend Connect 
you must also provide a method of contact either email or a twitter handle so I am able to contact you should you win and you simply must tell me what has been your biggest hair decision and why e.g dodgy perm, I looked like a poodle etc.

Giveaway will close on 14th July at 12pm, winner will be announced 48 hours later via Facebook, Twitter
and at the end of this post.

I am not being paid nor compensated in any way to run this giveaway, it was simply too good a prize opportunity to pass up for one lucky reader. Prize will come directly from Mark Hill at Boots hence why I have press images, any questions feel free to email me at my usual address.
Entries from professional compers will be marked null and void,  winner will be selected at random from all valid entrants.

International Followers
I apologise that this giveaway doesn't allow you to enter but there is two other giveaways on the site that do allow you to enter and I will have an international only giveaway to say thank you for your support in the upcoming future.

winner is missy_ellie_uk


  1. Pity I am not in UK! thanks anyway and congrats for the subscribers!

  2. Thankyou so much for the giveaway! This is a wonderful prize, I've been meaning to buy curlers for a while and would be amazing to win.
    Good luck everyone *fingers crossed*



    1. Oopsi, forgot, my biggest hair decision is (was) getting a fringe cut in. Lately I have lost about 35lbs and wanted a dramatic appearance change. I thought the best way to change my face was get a fringe. I remember my hair dresser trying to make me change my mind because she said a lot of people hate it afterwards and she didn't want me leaving unhappy. I told her my decision was made and said there scared I'd look ridiculous. I remember looking in the mirror afterwards and thinking what had I done. However, once it was all dried and straightened I absolutely adored it. I can't see me living without a fringe now. I'd say if you're wanting to try something, just do it. Your hair will always grow back :) xx

  3. Amazing giveaway!!!
    My email is gemmabellfield@hotmail.co.uk
    My twitter is @gemmabellfield

    My biggest hair decision was when I had a full fringe and I wanted to get rid of it but couldn't be bothered to wait for it to grow out, so instead I reach for my dad's shaver and shave off my fringe, to which I didn't know I would be left with a massive disaster (by the way I was only around 10) haha

    Gemma x

  4. What a spectacular giveaway!
    My biggest hair decision was a few years ago when I decided to move from black hair to bleach blonde. It wasn't easy but I did it, with the help of an awful lot of chemicals and products. I'm just about getting on top of the condition now (thank you Macadamia Oil!), but I don't regret the change :)

  5. Such an amazing giveaway. Congratulations, one day I hope my blog is as successful :)

    My biggest decision would be cutting my hair from my boob length to my Victoria Beckham inspire chin length bob. The reasoning behind this was that it just kept getting in the way, and I wanted a new look for University. Once I stopped crying (did take a week), my hair is soo healthy and I love it!

    Twitter: @thecrownwings
    GFC: Jessica
    Email: thecrownwings@hotmail.co.uk


  6. What a amazing prize, thankyou for the giveaway!
    Well, I haven't really made a big hair decision yet as such, as im still wondering whether to get a side swept fringe or not, as wondering whether it will suit me. Decisions decisions!
    GFC: Jade
    Email: jadepalmer9@aol.com


  7. Omg where do i tsart ive had many bad hair disasters and one of them was when i was about 11 and i had a cropped tight perm. i used to but a comb in each side and use them as clips, even worse was the dead straight fringe to go with it. - Email s;eeper105@hotmail.com
    Twitter - @QuirjyFox

  8. what a lush prize! *fingers and toes crossed!*
    my email is: xtiffyxx@hotmail.co.uk
    my biggest hair decision (and regret!) was about 8 years ago when i decided to get a perm. the first time i had it done, it dropped after the first wash so the woman done it a 2nd time for free and left it in longer.. then after i washed it, it was just a massive frizz ball - no beautiful curls to be seen :(
    so i let it grow a little bit then had all my lovely long hair cut off and had it spikey-ish at the back and a little longer at the front. im still growing my hair now! - although it is halfway down my back now, phew! - perfect for the prizes ;) lol xxx

  9. Such an amazing giveaway, thank you & congrats!
    My biggest hair decision was cutting my long hair into into a frankie sandford type style...once I decided I just went and got a stand by appointment at the hairdressers! Once I got used to it and stopped getting a fright every time I looked into the mirror I loved it :)Its now a bit longer and im trying to be more creative in styling it so this would be a great prize for me!
    Following via GFC as Louise


  10. Letting my hair grow through grey, it now looks like I have a very expensive set of highlights, wish I'd done it sooner!


    gholmes724 ((at)) gmail ((d0t)) com

  11. My biggest hair decision was a few years ago when I decided to dye my hair dark brown. Well my naturally fair hair took the dark brown dye and went black. The darkest colour you've ever seen. I looked washed out, I was constantly asked if I was unwell. Also as my hair was so fair the regrowth looked horrendous. It took a hair stylist four hours to strip the colour out when I eventually saw sense. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    I am following you on GFC. my email is jeniredfern@hotmail.com and my twitter is jenirouge xxx

  12. A great giveaway! Congrats on soo many followers!
    My biggest hair decision, was to stop dying my hair and going back to au naturel! This was such a big change being as I'm naturally mosey brown colour and had dyed my hair to be a very light bleach blonde. I'm now nearly at a year with no dye and cannot believe the difference its made to the condition and length of my hair!
    GFC: TinkAdelle
    email: adelle_williams_1994@hotmail.co.uk


  13. My biggest hair decision and wrong one - was when I was 18 I wasnt working, and could not afford a visit to the hairdressers - so I got my mate (at ther time) to chop my very long hair (past my bum) into a very short bob, using zig zig cutting scissors!!! what a mess!! my mum wasnt too pleased, it looked awful, and my mate, became history not long after the event :-)lmao


  14. Aww great giveaway!

    My biggest hair decision was going back from blonde to brunette. I'd been bleaching my hair since I was 16 and it started to die and fall out! So I had to make the decision to dye it back to brown. I'm really glad I did as my hair is much stronger again now and actually grows!

    Thanks very much! My email is rachelgibbens@hotmail.co.uk, or @rachelgibbens on twitter xxx

  15. This give away is amazing, thank you!
    My biggest hair decision was getting my hair cut to just shorter than shoulder length when I was about 14. I'd never really cut my hair before and it was down to my bottom before the cut, so it freaked me out for a fair few weeks when I went to feel it and half of it wasn't there!
    I regretted it and have never had a huge cut like that again. In fact, I was so scared after that that I only ever had it trimmed until a couple of months ago when I had my first layers cut in.
    Email: hn_nois@hotmail.co.uk

  16. Amazing giveaway!! I have made plenty of hard hair decisions, but I think the hardest was deciding to cut off about ten inches because it was in terrible condition thanks to some cheap straighteners! It grew back eventually and I learnt my lesson.
    email: orlacxxx@hotmail.com

  17. Congratulations on your landmark! Thoroughly deserved.

    I think my worst decision with my hair was choosing to go orange!! It looked awful, I really don't know what I was thinking!

    GFC: Missmascara1983
    Email: lyddi69@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @lyddistar

  18. This is such a super amazing giveway. My biggest hair mistake is that I'm a blonde, always have and once I decided I wanted it brown and in a bob. Why? I have no idea, it look good but growing it out was a bitchhhh. My hair really has never been the same since!

    GFC: Lola loves


  19. This is an amazing giveaway and congratulations on reaching 4000!

    My biggest hair decision was going blonde and then hating it. I've still got strands of blonde hair in my barnet which haunt me.

    GFC: Honor


  20. Great giveaway!
    I haven't really made a big hair decision yet, my hair always has been the same(more or less). Maybe it was hard for me dye my hair because I started to notice some grey hair on my head...

    Thank you!!!

  21. This giveaway looks great. My biggest hair decision would be going back to my natural colour after years of dyeing and highlighting. Its now the most natural its been for years and I'm really happy with it (for now!). The reason I did it was my terrible split ends and dry hair from the dye, it was in terrible condition so I was slightly forced to by my hairdresser!
    Daniella x

  22. Fab giveaway! Really generous :-)
    Been meaning to try a curling wand for agesss so this is perfect! Love mark hill products too his heated rollers are amazing.


  23. My biggest hair decision was to go blonde (my hair was black-brown naturally at the time). Big mistake.


  24. My biggest hair decision was getting honey coloured highlights through the ends of my hair! I've always had dark hair so it was a big change but I still love it now



  25. Ooooh great giveaway! Would definitely say my biggest hair decision was going from having 'Rihanna Red' hair... to putting bleach on it myself in hopes of going blonde! Hello bright orange and ruined hair! :(:(


  26. Brilliant giveaway! I've had so many hair issues. Dying it red was a bad decision as its two yours since I last died it and it still has not grown out. Bad roots was a difficult time for me! Also getting a bob when younger and didn't have straighteners was a bad move!
    My twitter is @elliesteadman1

    Ellie x

  27. Congrats on reaching 400! Im not surprised really, I read everyday :)

    I think my biggest hair decision happens once a year! As soon as the sun comes out I grow out my fringe and then come September I cut it back in! The problem is I can NEVER stand firm on my decision, here I am in June with my fringe clipped to the side and already Im itching to cut it back in. Its a big decision just one I regret regardless of what I do...


    twitter @taicoe

  28. Congrats on 4000 followers! :) Fab giveaway!

    My biggest hair decision was to go dark after years of being blonde and I don't think I like it :(


    Beauty by Emma

  29. Wow what a fantastic giveaway! My email address is - af.evans@gmail.com
    and i've made many a hair decision over the years! I've always been a blonde from birth, but I decided to go for a whole new look about 2 years ago and go brunette! It was a massive shock to the system, and I hardly recognised the person looking back at me in the mirror! I went back to the hairdressers about a month after and had the blonde put back in. I look back at photos now though and think it actually really suited me! I'm tempted to go back brunette once again after my wedding :) x

  30. congrats on 4000 followers :)


    my biggest decision was dying my hair pink, i love it but i always get weird stares from people which gets annoying cause it's only pink hair! i'm dying hair back to white blonde today cause i can't stand anymore glares! x

  31. Twitter is @EllaBellarina

    This is an amazing giveaway! My Biggest hair decision was to grow it really long, until it got to the point when I was too scared to cut any of it off! I had flat hair syndrome for well over 2 years! But finally made it my new years resolution to have a decent hair cut! And so glad i decided to!

  32. So sad this is only for your UK followers

    1. Sadly some of the items couldn't be posted overseas but there is two other giveaways live on the blog at the moment that are open to everyone :) I will have more international giveaways live in the future too! :)

  33. My biggest hair decision as dying it...I went for what I thought was a chocolatey brown because I wanted to look more like my beautiful sisters...I thought it had all gone well.
    Except for one day, showing off what I believed to be a Cheryl Cole-esque mane of pride, swishing my hair in the window of work thinking I was a right piece of loveliness...and a guy I worked with came in, looking quizzical/ horrified and said 'oh my god, is your hair on fire?!' Apparently in the light I looked like the little mermaid...But you know what?! That was a year ago, I'm still rocking it and I love it! *sings* I wanna be where the people are...

    Twitter @normalfacesh

  34. Eekk how exciting!! My biggest hair decision was to stop bleaching as my hair was falling off so badly and I wanted it to grow :( bye bye beautiful blonde ... but now my hair is naturally strawberry blonde and longer and thicker yay :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!! samanthassecretblog@gmail.com

    Samantha's Secret

  35. Hiya, I know this is completely Un-related, but in previous posts when you have talked about your pores (Which I have to), I just wanted to ask if you have ever tried the Avon Clear Skin Pore Pentetrating range? I have been using it for a week now and it has reduced my pores hugely, and I think it might be worth you trying if your still looking for something to reduce pores;)

  36. Wow, that's a huge prize! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!
    I follow you via GFC as Lucisek-Lucy's Stash (on Twitter as @LucysStash
    lucisek dot beluha /at/ googlemail.com

    My big hair decision was to cut my really long hair into a side fringe and it looked truly awful on me! I had to wear it for a long time till my hair grew back :-/

  37. lovely giveaway!
    I already follow you via GFC as Zoe Lianne (Twitter is: @zoelianne_x)

    Email is : zoe-203-302@hotmail.com

    My biggest hair decision was to grow my hair, it may sound strange, but from a very young age my hair has always been shorter than a bob, but I was getting bored, I haven't had it cut in 2 years now and I'm happy with it.. but can see me getting bored and cutting it again short!


  38. GFC: Hannah Moody

    My biggest hair decision has to be when I decided to go WHITE and short over 3 years ago!! I loved those time - I have a thing for bright coloured hair and you couldn't get brighter than white! I had to say goodbye to my platinum blonde locks when I fell pregnant in 2010 as you shouldn't use peroxide when pregnant! ... Now I'm orange!!! And I love it! :)

  39. GFC: Maddy
    My biggest hair decision was to dye my hair for the first time at the ripe old age of 21.. I went bright red!

  40. My biggest hair decision was without a doubt going from long brown hair to a short blonde bob! I was so nervous, but it paid off - i loved it, but unfortunately I can't afford the upkeep of being blonde :( it wa good while it lasted!

    Congratulations on all of the followers lovely! My email is meldaviesx@hotmail.com, and i'm @meldaviesx on twitter xx

  41. gfc follower :) my biggest decision was to cut my hair really short (like chin level) best decision i ever made it looked amazing i'm now growing it but i want my short hair back!!

    eloise xxx

  42. Amazing giveaway & well done on the followers :) My biggest hair decision was not necessarily a good one... I've always had long blonde hair but a couple of years ago decided I would cut it short & dye it brown. Uh oh. Didn't suit me! I looked pale with brown hair & fat faced with short hair. Thankfully it didn't take too long to grow & hair dye was readily available, hehe xx



  43. GFC: Laura

    My hair has gone from baby blonde, to mousey brown to Sun-In ginger (silly teenager!) to grown-up brunette. I am in dire need of a new style - it's long and super straight which is great but kinda boring and annoying as it is impossible to wave or curl without it dropping out minute later!
    So my biggest decision is whether I should get a perm - a very loose one but something that will give my hair some body and movement! Very scared though - the word 'perm' just terrifies me haha.


  44. my biggest hair decision was to get a fringe but i forgot that my hair goes really curly when its short and u didnt have any hair straighteners at the time!
    thankyou so much!

  45. My biggest hair decision what I badly regretted was going to a hair dresser down my road to get bangs cut, all my life I had never had a side fringe, my fringe was the same length as all the rest of my hair. Anyway so i want to a hair dressers what I was not familiar with as I normally go to my auntie who is a hair dresser, anyways I asked this lady in the salon to cut my fringe and I gave her a picture, so she could go wrong. I guess I was wrong it was awful she cut it way shorter then I wanted and It looked hideous, I was so upset. Then I got into the car to go home with my mum and a lorry drove into the back of us, lucky we were okay but it seriously was not my day. I wouldn't go out the house for ages trying to clip it back and everything, I will now only go to my auntie and lucky its back to normal.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Amazing giveaway, well done for 4000 followers you must be over the moon. My biggest hair decision was having a major cut last summer- I hated it, it was to short and horrible thank God it has all grown back. I also made a big decision last Christmas to get a full fringe cut in and loved it.


  48. this is such a lovely giveaway, thank you!
    my biggest hair decision is, as i'm not very adventurous incase it goes horribly wrong, dip dying my hair a pastel pink shade, i'm so glad i did though i absolutely love it!


  49. What a great giveaway!
    My biggest hair decision was having it cut short. I regret it to this day as it has only just reached the length it was before I had it cut!


  50. my biggest hair decision was having it died brown, as I had being blonde all my life. (I am now blonde again).. At the moment I am deciding whether to dip dye my hair a pastel shade,, hhhhmmmmm.


  51. my biggest hair decision was to get all my long hair cut off into a long bob because i had always had long hair, i love my short(ish) hair now!

  52. congratulations and this is an awesome giveaway, i am so obsessed with hair at the moment!

    I am currently going through my biggest hair decision! I have been dying my hair bright red for 3-4 years now (with a period of bleach blonde last summer... never again!), but I have come to a point where I am sick of dying my hair each month, having it in really bad condition, and most of all i hate the fact that it won't grow!! I got a lot of the split ends cut off today (3 inches!), and I am debating whether to spurge so much money on going to the salon for a colour correction and highlights/lowlights! I guess I shall do it and have lovely shiny natural hair afterwards!

    GFC: Izzy Duder


    ps. I am hosting my own international giveaway at the moment, please check it out!!! http://isabelladuder.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/100-follower-international-giveaway.html

  53. What an amazing giveaway! Congrats on reaching so many followers.

    At the age of sixteen I had hair down to my waist and I made the huge decision of getting one of those graduated bobs everyone had in 2005!

    laceandliquorvintage@hotmail.com, XO

  54. My biggest hair decision was finally growing out the thick heavy fringe I'd had practically since birth, in about 2002. Meant I had to get my eyebrows sorted pretty quick as they'd always been hidden before!


    Ellie x

  55. This giveaway is amazing! Thank you so much.
    My biggest hair decision was cutting my own fringe when I was 12. I used my craft scissors that we covered with glue. Half way through cutting my fringe my sister walked in on me and frightened me so much that I had a panic attack! I have definitely grown up since then!


  56. AMAZING giveaway! wow, so many hair products :')
    my biggest hair decision was actually having my hair dyed red for the first time - safe to say i ended up ginger - so not a good look!!!


  57. My biggest hair decision was a post baby hormonal, cut all my hair off one. I'm really rather boring when it comes to my hair!


    Another great giveaway!xx

  58. My biggest hair decision was deciding to have my waist length tresses cropped when I went away to university. I felt so grown-up and stylish, but when my Dad picked me up, he didn't even notice!

    Following you with GFC (Happyfox)

    givinganswers [at] googlemail [dot] com

  59. My biggest hair decision was finally growing out my fringe. It took over a year but I am so glad that I have done it now! I love having my centre parting and I have just dyed it blonde again!


    GFC Sarah Bee

  60. Hello :)

    Congratulations on reaching 4000 subscribers! :)

    I made the pretty daft decision of getting a few highlights put into the front of my hair on the recommendation of my hairdresser the night before I went on holiday.

    I'd never had my hair professionally coloured and thought it seemed like a nice idea.

    They asked if I wouldn't mind the trainee in the salon do them under supervision of the head stylist. I agreed as you've got to learn somewhere...

    Four hours after the trainee hair dresser was let loose on my hair I left with the front half of my hair resembling something a 5 year old might have done if left alone with bleach.

    Not the sunkissed highlights I'd wished for! All the shops were closed so I couldn't buy some dye to try and cover it up and we were leaving at 4am the following morning so I spent the whole holiday with a hat on :(

    Needless to say, I never returned to my hairdressers!

    I am following you via GFC and my twitter name is @pinklittlebean :)

    Clare x

  61. Congrats on the huge milestone!
    my biggest hair decision was when I chopped half of my hair off (it was over my bottom. And then dyed it pink and blue! - Crazy, I know!

    queenzain-11@hotmail.co.uk x<3

  62. Hey! Congratulations - you deserve it :)

    My biggest hair decision was when I was a hippy festival loving 16 year old. I was dying for blue highlights in my dark brown hair. My mum refused to take me to the hairdresser to do it so my friend told me she would help me out...
    We bleached massive stripes of my gorgeous long brown hair and then added a lovely blue dye on top... Little did we think that yellow and blue make... GREEN!

    Anyway keep up the good work!

    Francesca - @francesca_ybb

  63. Wow, this is such an awesome giveaway!

    I'm already following through GFC.

    To be honest, I haven't made any drastic changes to my hair in a LONG while, but my biggest hair decision was to get rid of my horrendous bangs that covered one eye and made me look like a pirate. Boy, am I glad those days are behind me!

    Thanks for holding this giveaway!

    email: th_92@hotmail.co.uk
    twitter: @ta7mina

  64. My biggest hair decision so far was to have my hair cut...in the style of Victoria Beckham - the 'pob'. Never again! Although I think my biggest hair decision is yet to come, as I have really, really long hair now and I am thinking of getting it cut into a long bob again! Decisions, decisions...

    Thank you! :) x

    Email: heathernixon4@hotmail.co.uk

  65. Fab giveaway!!
    My twitter is @lilykittee
    My email is lilykittee@hotmail.co.uk

    My biggest hair decision was to let someone go crazy with it, I was a model at a local salon for a dye lesson and left with blue, green, purple and red hair and I loved it. It was a couple of years ago but it gave me such freedom style wise and gave me a lot of confidence :)


  66. My biggest hair decision... hmm maybe dying my hair blonde when I was like 12 from a box and it going a strange orangey colour! Or maybe bleaching the ends for a subtle ombre look

    email: dropaheartbreakaname [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

    love your blog too - its fab xx

  67. Wow this giveaway looks amazing! My biggest hair decision was getting a bob, my hair had stopped growing and so I thought that if I chopped it all off it'd grow again, it has very slowly but now it's that length which really needs styling products, hence why this is an perfect giveaway for me! My Twitter is @GeorginaBunney and my email is theweekendertrender@gmail.com

  68. Love the Blog!

    My biggest hair decision was when I cut my hair really short from very long, straight edge hair. My hair was about "bust" length and all one length and I had worn it that way for AGES and I suddenly wanted a change and cut chin length with layers in.


  69. When I was younger I insisted that my long hair was to be cut into a bob, just below my chin. All was well and good. Then my Mum decided she could cut layers and wanted to experiment. First cut, she decided she couldn't do it and left me with a clump of hair on the side of my head that was an inch shorter than the rest of my bob!

    email - samirific@live.co.uk
    Twitter - @samlikesjam

  70. My biggest hair decision was bleaching my hair platinum blonde. I love it but OMG it requires so much up keep. Only going to keep it till the end of the summer and then go back to a darker colour.
    Awsome giveaway by the way.

    e-mail: girlonceknownas@gmail.com

  71. What a wicked giveaway! congratulations in reaching such an incredible milestone too.
    My biggest decision was having my very long hair cut into a spikey mohawk/crop when I was 19. I'd always wanted to try short hair and after recovering from a break up it was that start of the new me. I kept it short for three years and since then have been much more experimental with my hair, it is currently a big volume-loving bob :) Id love to win this bundle as this is the longest my hair has been in the past couple of years so i am enjoying trying new products and tools!

  72. This is an amazing giveaway! I think me biggest hair mistake was trying to dye ginger hair black! It didn't suit me and I had awful orange and plack patchy hair for months! I've decided to stick to my ginger roots now! (Literally)

  73. Amazing giveaway! Would love to win as my hair never seems to co-operate with me!
    I'm going to have to say the biggest hair decision I ever made (like many others I see haha) was getting my hair cut from long to a short chin-length bob. It didn't suit my face shape at all but it was nice to experiment and now I know for the future!


  74. Deciding to bite the bullet and straighten and style my hair instead of scraping it back in a pony tail every day. Had to learn how to blow dry!

    gfc: ness
    nessknight AT gmail DOT com

  75. my biggest hair decision was probably getting a fringe cut in seeing as i had never had one before!
    thanks for the giveaway :) kate xox

  76. My biggest hair decision was dying my hair red. All the constant redyeing my hair because red hair dye fades so fast and constantly dying your hair is damaging was a big decision.
    good luck everyone :) x

  77. My biggest hair decision was to stop straightening and embrace by curls


  78. My big decision was to go from quite long hair to frankie Sandford hair! Which I now frickin love and wish I'd done.it sooner! sweet_escape@live.co.uk x

  79. my biggest hair decision was to cut my hair into a bob having had it really long all my life, but i hated it and had to wait for ages for it all to grow back! phoebemfinn@googlemail.com xxx

  80. So incredibly generous! I'd say my biggest hair decision was going blonde, having been brunette all my life I went for the big change a few years ago andddd..it ruined my hair, which resulted in a second hair decision - chopping my gorgeous lengthy hair off to above my ears :( boo! Luckily, three years on, it has grown back.
    @hollyarabella askhollyarabella@gmail.com
    Huge congrats on over 4,000 followers too, beyond well deserved!

  81. My biggest hair decision was definitely deciding to bleach my hair, dye it pink/purple and cut in a fringe all in one go, from absolutely "normal" hair the previous day! To say my work mates were surprised is an understatement!

    email - edel.m.hennessy@gmail.com

  82. Hi hun, congrats on all those followers!!

    My biggest hair decision was to take my hair a little darker. Ive always been blonde, bright light white blonde and I had my hair darkened with lots of dark blonde highlights. I was so frightened as i was used to seeing my hair so light and when the colour was being washed out i was like ahhhh im brunette. But when dried it was just a darker but still light blonde, if that makes sense. Looks lush even if i do say so myself!

    Laura xxx

  83. My biggest hair decision was dying it purple. It was ok but not as nice as I hoped so back to blonde I went.
    I follow was karen scammell
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  84. Great giveaway!

    My biggest hair decision was probably going from mousey brown to blonde, I think it was one of those, new hair- new me things you do post break up to feel good about yourself. It worked and I felt great; blonde's really do have more fun! It was blonde for about a year in total and I'm not back to a more relaxed brown. :)


  85. Great giveaway and congrats on the followers!

    My biggest hair decision was chopping it all off and getting a pob! It looked fine when it was straight but my natural hair is curly and my oh my it looked hideous if I didn't take the time to style it everyday!

    Natasha Carly x

  86. Lovely giveaway! :)

    My biggest hair decision was getting a fringe... And I looked awful!

    GFC follower - Katarzyna

  87. Thanks for a lovely giveaway!
    I'm following via GFC - Jo Young
    whgcjo (at) gmail (dot) com
    My biggest disaster was having a nice curtain fringe as a teenager, looking back it was terrible!

  88. Great giveaway!

    My biggest hair decision was a couple of years ago when I went really dark brown (a stark contrst to my current colour) I personally loved it but everyone says I look better blonde!


    Jade xx

  89. Wowww lovely giveaway !!!

    My biggest hair decision was to stop straightening and embrace by curls

    I follow via gfc as Sadi

    email: sadia.latif10@gmail.com

    twitter : Sad20ful

    thankss alot

  90. My biggest hair decision was to dye my hair brown to red, its worked out pretty well and suits my skin tone.

    GFC: Rubiah
    email: rubiahn(at)googlemail(dot)com


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