On the 9th of May Sleek MakeUp will launch two new palettes full of matte shades,
yep you've read it correctly a palette completely composed of matte eyeshadow's!
As mentioned there will be two colour ways - Brights V1, Darks V2.
I'm guessing that V stands for version 1 and 2?
I was sent V2 Darks and thought I'd share some swatches and a mini review.

Top Row - L-R Orbit, Ink, Highness, Noir, Dune, Pillowtalk
Bottom Row - Thunder, Maple, Flesh, Paper Bag, Villan, Fern

The Good
If you like matte shades then you'll enjoy Sleek MakeUp's Ultra Matte i-Divine Palette V2 Darks.
Although the palette is called Darks it is very diverse with a few neutral shades
and the odd pop of bright colour too so something for most tastes.
I feel the shade selection was well thought out with pretty much most deep shade covered.
On the whole the shades are really pigmented most notably the deeper shades in the bottom row,
they aren't as chalky as Sleek's previous attempts at matte eyeshadow's.
The formula is soft and easy to work with, with very little fall out in my opinion.
The packaging is sturdy with a great sized mirror inside.

The Bad
The lighter shades are a little weakly pigmented most notably Dune - top row second from last,
which had all the problems of Sleek MakeUp's previous matte shades - chalky and weakly pigmented.
I was also disappointed in the pigmentation of the black shade,
I need my black matte shadow to be a true black and this falls flat.
I'm guessing many (myself included) would prefer to have no applicator than have the foam applicator.
It's inevitable that some will grumble about the palette being completely matte
and saying it lacks the variety of formulas that previous palettes had.

The Indifferent
Personally I find matte eyeshadow's to be a little flat and would only really use the lighter shades
and maybe the black shade on occasion but that is personal preference.
I applied a few of these shades this morning to quickly wear test them throughout the day
and feel that without a primer they would not wear all that well with oily lids.
Wear time is around 8 hours on oily skin with primer but if you have normal or dry skin
you will experience a longer wear period.
I have only managed to wear a few of these shades so I will update the wear time
once I buy the other palette when it launches.

Both palettes will launch 9th May 2012 in selected Superdrug stores and via sleekmakeup.com
and will cost £6.49 per palette.

Post contains PR sample.